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Rams' McVay will return to Atlanta as the youngest Super Bowl coach
Sean McVay is going back home for his second Super Bowl.
And this time he won’t need his grandfather to get him tickets to the big game.
Moments after guiding the Rams to their first Super Bowl since 2002, McVay admitted to reporters in New Orleans on Sunday that he’s only attended one Super Bowl — the game involving his future team against his future predecessor in his hometown.
On Jan. 30, 2000, the St. Louis Rams edged Jeff Fisher’s Tennessee Titans, 23-16, at the Georgia Dome on Mike Jones’ infamous goal-line tackle of Kevin Dyson.
McVay, who turns 33 on Thursday, had just turned 14 years old. His grandfather, former New York Giants head coach John McVay, had just finished his final season as San Francisco general manager.
“It’s kind of ironic,” McVay said. “I was at that game. My grandpa, when he was still involved in the NFL, he got me tickets for my birthday. Now we’ll get a chance to go back, (as well as) a lot of people that are very special to the McVay family.”
Nineteen years later, the youngest NFL head coach of the modern era will now become the youngest head coach to coach his team in a Super Bowl, when the Rams face New England at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Feb. 3.
“Growing up in Atlanta, it’s awesome,” McVay said. “I think my parents are probably a little more excited about it than I am, but this is about our football team.”
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The LA Rams, and 60 years of being a fan - Turf Show Times
A life devoted.
There are moments in our lives we will never forget.
Getting married. Children’s births. Things that bring us joy which we treasure forever.
The Professor has had those moments, but the one he will remember the most in his life and treasure seeing was K Greg Zuerlein make a 57 yard field goal to put my Los Angeles Rams into the Super Bowl.
I harken back to the days as a 7-year old child watching my Los Angeles Rams lose in the playoffs to the Green Bay Packers in 1967 and those games home at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and away sitting next to my father watching our Rams lose in the playoffs—again. The empty feeling I felt tinged with words of hope that there’s always next year.
That’s when I learned then its a lot harder to make to the Super Bowl then it is to play it. That’s what makes the New England Patriots dynasty so remarkable.
But then there is our 2018 Rams. The team that two years ago was 4-12. Saddled with a first pick in the draft labeled a bust. An offensive line that couldn’t block and a defense which was good, but not excellent.
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Strasbourg were in the fifth tier in 2012. Now they are fifth in Ligue 1 | Football | The Guardian
“Savoir-faire does not translate directly from French. The closest English equivalent would be “know-how” but the French phrase carries a sense of graceful adaptability, an ability to respond seamlessly and appropriately to any situation. Few teams in football embody savoir-faire more than Strasbourg under Thierry Laurey. Having fought back from liquidation and relegation to the sprawling fifth tier in 2011, the Alsace club are edging towards Europe and perhaps even silverware thanks to their versatile and intelligent coach. Their 5-1 win at Monaco on Saturday, which takes them up to fifth in Ligue 1, is simply their latest eye-catching achievement.”
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Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints: blown PI call all in the timing - Turf Show Times
A nightmare for Saints fans and a godsend for LA Rams fans has a much more complicated place in the narrative of the game.
In his Netflix special “Annihilation,” comedian Patton Oswalt quoted his late wife who often reminded him when he got upset about cruel things that happened in the world — “It’s chaos, be kind.”
The first instinct that most Los Angeles Rams felt after the blown pass interference call was a mix of denial and a happy shrug. Yes, it was obviously egregious and if the flag was called, the New Orleans Saints would most likely have sealed the game and gone onto the Super Bowl.
Pretty unreal fan angle of the Blown PI call in the Saints Rams game.
— Lover of @arbys (still, but now on a diet. thanks) (@Ryanwtking) January 21, 2019
The internet and the talking heads on radio and TV literally exploded into anger at what some have called “the worst call in the history.” Head coach Sean Peyton even said that the Saints will ‘never get over’ this call. For Rams fans, it quickly shifted to a defensive position. What about all the other bad calls during the game?
One could argue that the entire game was officiated with a absolute failed sense of consistency and fair judgement that affected both sides negatively.
BOTH can be, and ARE true:
1) Yes. It was PI. They blew it.
2) ALSO missed: obvious facemask on Goff scramble on previous drive. Rams should have had 1st-and-goal on the 1. They take the lead, rather than tie.
Any reasonable conversation should include BOTH.
— Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) January 21, 2019
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Referees also missed several penalty calls that hurt Rams | Larry Brown Sports
The NFL is never going to live down the missed pass interference call on Nickell Robey-Coleman that essentially cost the New Orleans Saints a Super Bowl appearance. They shouldn’t. But what will be talked about much less is how the Saints also benefited from multiple missed calls by the officials at other points in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.
There was a visible facemask on Jared Goff on second-and-goal late in the game with the Saints up 20-17. Had that been called, the Rams would have had first-and-goal and a very good shot to go up 24-20.
Other missed calls included a facemask committed by the Saints against Rams receiver Brandin Cooks, and a delay of game that preceded a Saints touchdown in the third quarter.
Because those calls were not made and the game was were it was, everyone will focus on what cost the Saints. Heck, even the NFL admitted they blew the call.
But like Sean McVay said after the game, the referees were letting the players play and compete. It was a physical game where a lot of calls were missed. The blown call, as bad as it was, was part of the give-and-take that so many fans will overlook.
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The moment is never too big for LA Rams QB Jared Goff - Turf Show Times
In a game in which the running game completely faltered, franchise QB Jared Goff proved he belonged.
Jared Goff is meticulously known to be an even-keeled player and person. He’s never one to show too much emotion whether the situation happens to be good or bad.
Part of what makes Goff a unique player is just that, nothing can bother the guy on an emotional level. He knows how to remain calm, keep the situation at bay, and attack it with a clear-eyed view. In the biggest game of his short career, Goff was staring down the barrel of a gun at multiple points in the NFC Championship game. There were a handful of drives in which he proved that the moment simply isn’t too big for him.
The first moment was the two-minute drive before half time. Goff completed 4/6 passes on the drive for 75 yards, allowing a 6-yard Todd Gurley scamper to end the drive with a touchdown. The pass deep down the left sideline to WR Brandin Cooks was particularly gorgeous, and could have went for a touchdown had Cooks not been face masked (which was missed by the way).
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Jared Goff’s clutch NFC championship performance is being overlooked
The Los Angeles Rams came away with a huge win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in the NFC championship, punching their ticket to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2001 season. It was a stunning comeback victory, and if you only watched the first quarter of the game, you’d have thought it was a blowout win by the Saints.
The Saints led 13-0 after 15 minutes with the Rams only gaining 5 total yards on their first two drives and 80 in their first four, resulting in three points. Then Jared Goff and the offense got going, outscoring the Saints 26-10 from the first quarter.
Goff was particularly instrumental in the Rams’ success on offense, but his performance is being overlooked. The black cloud overshadowing him and the rest of the game is, of course, the horrific no-call on Nickell Robey-Coleman in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.
Putting that miss and the resulting victory by the Rams aside, Goff was quietly excellent against New Orleans in the biggest game of his career, becoming the youngest quarterback ever to win an NFC championship game.
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Following the Los Angeles Rams through good and bad led to this moment - Turf Show Times
After many lost seasons, reflecting on Sunday’s win is even sweeter.
My journey to following the Rams was always a hard thing to explain to anyone that asked.
In the beginning, I was 11 years old and had been increasingly, if still vaguely, aware of the NFL and football at large. My family members were mostly college football fans and while living in Tucson, Arizona at the time — the Cardinals weren’t capturing anyone’s imagination, even just two hours south of Phoenix.
The Rams had recently just won a Super Bowl and in heartbreaking fashion to my neophyte football interest, lost another.
So, I latched on to a St. Louis team that had seemingly mastered offensive wizardry. There was no rationale I needed outside of “Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce are fun.”
The team lighting up scoreboards in the shadow of the Gateway Arch were gatekeepers to my growing interest in the sport — even though I had never been to St. Louis.
Then, the crash came. The Super Bowl era players left. Front office politics tanked continuity and squandered potential. Draft picks went bust. Coaching regimes washed out.
I’m sure you know the story well if you’re reading this.
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In search of Dieguito | Martin Amis
He rose from the slums of Buenos Aires to become the world's greatest footballer - then spectacularly self-destructed. Now, from his Cuban hospital bed, Maradona has published a remarkably frank autobiography.
1st  october  2004  guardian  martin  amis  football  maradona  diego  literature  book  review 
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Messi to Madrid! | Brian Phillips
An appreciation of soccer’s ludicrous, misleading, and fabulously entertaining transfer rumor mill.
24th  august  2010  slate  brian  phillips  football 
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Managers in football matter much less than most fans think - Football
comparing actual results with these projections, we could see which clubs did better than their players’ ratings implied. Teams do over-perform for reasons other than their managers. But if coaching matters, the best bosses should continue to exceed expectations when they switch clubs.
dj  sport  football  managers  economist 
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Rams vs. Saints highlights | NFC Championship Game
The Rams edge the New Orleans Saints 26-23 in overtime thanks to a clutch 57-yard field goal by Greg Zuerlein.
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