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Barista quality pour over has never been easier! Get delicious and ready-to-brew coffee packs delivered to straight to your door.
2 minutes ago by jellis
In Home Of Original Sriracha Sauce, Thais Say Rooster Brand Is Nothing To Crow About : The Salt : NPR
When it comes to the Rooster brand? After a tiny spoonful, she draws a sharp breath.

"It's not tasty," she says, taking a sip of water. "It's not mixed together properly. There's only one taste." Saowanit says a proper Sriracha sauce needs to be what Thais call klom klom — the hotness, the sour, the sweet and the garlic all blending together seamlessly, none overpowering the other. The American version, she says, just brings heat.
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30 minutes ago by craniac Blog / Toph Tucker and Jasmine Lee on Why Restaurant Websites Are Good and We’re All Going to Miss Them
Sometimes social media even determines exactly what I want to eat at a restaurant. I’ve seen an alluring image of a specific dish on Instagram, for instance. Sometimes this feels really evil. There’s no pleasure in discovery. If I were to be nostalgic, that’s what I would miss.

Meg: In lamenting restaurant websites’ disappearing, what might their ideal future be?

Jasmine: I would like to see restaurant websites operating more as publishers. Similar to how Kajitsu does with their archive of seasonal menus. Maybe it means that restaurant websites simply start blogging instead of having parked websites.

Becca: Maybe a restaurant is really just a physical blog.
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46 minutes ago by nathanwentworth
Could flexitarianism save the planet?
Scientists say a drastic cut in meat consumption is needed, but this requires political will
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3 hours ago by noiseguy
Why American & European Fruits And Vegetables Have No Flavor - Gaia Health

Gaia Health

Natural Health
Conventional Medicine
Incredible Health News

Home / Natural Health / Food / Why American & European Fruits And Vegetables Have No Flavor
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3 hours ago by Kjaleshire
In Home Of Original Sriracha Sauce, Thais Say Rooster Brand Is Nothing To Crow About : The Salt : NPR
Sriracha sauce. It's everywhere. Even beer and donuts. The fiery chili paste concocted by Vietnamese-American immigrant David Tran has conquered the American market and imagination in the past decade.

But the original Sriracha is actually Thai — and comes from the seaside city of Si Racha, where most residents haven't even heard of the U.S. brand, which is now being exported to Thailand.
6 hours ago by andyhuey
Common food additives may promote anxiety-related behavior and reduce social behavior in mice, research shows
gut health and brain health are intertwined, and that there may be common mechanisms driving the parallel epidemics of obesity, inflammatory gut conditions and behavioral disorders
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6 hours ago by dandv

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