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This Tweak to Using Tags in Evernote Changes Everything
Is your Evernote a huge mess? We show you a simple tweak that'll help you organize your notes like never before.
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11 weeks ago by twleung
Breach Intel - Polarity: Rethink Your Memory
Polarity gives users a shared “memory” to make IT and security professionals faster and better at their jobs. By analyzing the contents of users’ computer screens, Polarity is able to provide real-time access to information that is relevant to what you're working on as you're working on it, all without requiring you to lift a finger.
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april 2016 by gregelin
SemanticScuttle download |
SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool experimenting with new features like structured tags and collaborative descriptions of tags. Originally a fork of Scuttle, it has overtaken its ancestor in stability, features and usability.
tools  internet  bookmarking  folksonomy  freesoftware 
march 2016 by juliusbeezer
Marques pages partagés — fablabo
Comment partager ces sites favoris, les indexer, et échanger avec d'autres sur leurs recherches ? En utilisant le site/outil mis en place par Boris ( CMS/Artefacts ) pour notre communauté : semantic scuttle . Voici le guide d'installation, le paramétrage du plugin Firefox et quelques infos sur les usages possibles. N'oubliez tout de même d'utiliser votre mémoire et, ou un carnet de note
tools  internet  bookmarking  folksonomy  freesoftware 
march 2016 by juliusbeezer
marques-pages » À propos
Semantic Scuttle est sous licence GNU General Public License (vous pouvez librement l'installer sur votre serveur Web)
marques-pages supporte la plupart de l'API
tools  internet  memory  bookmarking  folksonomy  freesoftware 
march 2016 by juliusbeezer
BibSonomy :: home
The blue social bookmark and publication sharing system.
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february 2016 by vloux
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
Great talk/article about fan fiction folk use of tags in delicious & pinboard
community  delicious  history  inboard  folksonomy 
february 2016 by johnjohnston
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
"But the fanfic people were doing something very different. They had converged on a set of elaborate tagging conventions that allowed them to turn Delicious into a custom search engine for fanfic." "In my foolishness I asked, "Could you make me a list of those features? I'll take a look, maybe some of it is easy to implement." Oh yes, they could make make a list. I had summoned a very friendly Balrog." "Here I've shown a paragraph where someone asks me if I can build a user search feature, and I reply at length about why that's not trivial. At that point someone decides that it's easier for them to just go build the feature on the spot. They set up a little app in Heroku that mapped Pinboard usernames to Delicious usernames. In the time it took me to explain why I couldn't build the feature, someone did it for me and stuck a hyperlink into this document that is spiraling out of control."
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february 2016 by twwoodward

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