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Self Rising Cake Flour | Ask Nigella.com | Nigella Lawson
Cake flour is a good option for a sponge cake as it has a low protien content and gives a light, tender cake.

It is fairly easy to convert the regular cake flour to a self-rising version. For each cup of cake flour use 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder. Whisk or sift the flour and baking powder together before using.
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12 days ago by michelemiz
Cake Batter - Flour - Baking Sense
comparison of different flours for cake batter
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5 weeks ago by pedrolacerda
Why We Use 00 Flour For Neapolitan Pizza
We make our authentic Neapolitan pizza dough with 00 flour from Caputo, made in Naples, Italy. Learn more about 00 flour, then visit Giolitti Deli to try our pizza or purchase the flour in bulk to make your own recipes at home!
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11 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Thanksgiving Biscuits: The Secret to the South's Recipe - The Atlantic
True story. I have never had an even palatable biscuit since I moved to Kansas. This explains everything.

> Most of North America's hard wheat is grown on the plains, from Kansas north to Canada, but because of climate differences, the South has always had the softer kind, and cooks in the late 1800s didn't have food-service giants like Sysco trucking in mass-produced flour from thousands of miles away. As a result, biscuits are uniquely southern, and they seem determined to stay that way.
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november 2018 by jefftriplett

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