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Lee "The Adventurer" Moore, 82, a classic hustler who may or may not have masterminded one of the mos…
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Florida Republicans Are Sabotaging a Constitutional Amendment That Gave Felons the Right to Vote
What’s happening in Florida right now may be appalling, but it is not surprising. Time and time again, Republicans have suppressed votes to depress turnout among Democrats. They obviously fear that former felons, who are disproportionately racial minorities, will swing left. (Former GOP Gov. Rick Scott, now a senator, refused to restore most felons’ voting rights—and favored whites when he did.) In November, Florida voters attempted to put a permanent end to this injustice. It took years for civil rights advocates to pass Amendment 4 and remove the stain of Jim Crow from Florida’s constitution. Just four months later, Republicans are poised to cut the heart out of the signal voting rights triumph of the century so far.
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Google 'Florida man' followed by your birthday: What's your story? | wtsp.com
"Florida Man Threatens to Kill Neighbors With Machete Named 'Kindness'"
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Eerie Florida
Eerie stories of Florida
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A few of our team members went to for . Wanna know how it went? Find out from them here:…
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No Savings Found in Florida Welfare Drug Tests - The New York Times
From July through October in Florida — the four months when testing took place before Judge Scriven’s order — 2.6 percent of the state’s cash assistance applicants failed the drug test, or 108 of 4,086, according to the figures from the state obtained by the group. The most common reason was marijuana use. An additional 40 people canceled the tests without taking them.

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Because the Florida law requires that applicants...
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