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Hazmat operation concludes at Guntersville poultry processing plant
GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A nearly 36 hour long saga is over as crews are now cleaning up and preparing to go home after a fire and gas leak at a Guntersville poultry processing plant.
Fire department officials say they believe this is the longest hazmat operation they’ve ever been a part of.
Crews continued to work to resolve ammonia gas concerns from the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Guntersville on Friday. It all started with a fire inside the plant Thursday around 5:25 am.
When the fire was extinguished, it was learned there was an ammonia gas leak. Efforts to stop the leak were extensive and exhausting.
Fire officials say they were finally able to get them stopped and began ventilating the facility on Friday. That was finally accomplished around 4 pm when fire crews turned the building back over to the company. Fire officials say it’s all clear for area residents now.
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3 days ago by dchas
Fire Protection Services From Absolute Supply and Services
Fire safety is crucial for businesses of all industries, as the best protection and equipment will keep your building, employees, and customers safe in the event of an emergency. Learn more about fire protection services from Absolute Supply and Services!
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Running Scenarios on your Portfolio : fiaustralia
Aussie who looks at the impact of a market crash at different points in the accumulation phase, and sees how much of an effect that a market crash has on their retirement plans.
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Fire Breaks Out In Kolkata's Chemical Godown
New Delhi: The officials said that a fire broke out in a chemical godown in the eastern part of Kolkata on Monday evening, but no casualty was reported.

"The fire broke out at about 5.23 p.m. Ten fire tenders were pressed into service to douse the fire," a fire brigade official said.

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As per the source, although the exact reason of fire is yet to be established, it seems that the huge amount of inflammable materials stacked inside the godown might have led to the fire.

No casualities have been reported.
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7 days ago by dchas

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