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150 Minutes of Hell: The inside story of death and survival in California’s tornado of fire
The inside story of death and survival as the Carr Fire's tornado of flames stormed Redding — and changed firefighting in a warming California
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7 hours ago by gmisra
Why You Should Invest in A New Commercial Fire Sprinkler System in 2019
Here’s why you should invest in a new commercial fire sprinkler system in 2019.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Fire Crews Contain Small Chemical Fire At STERIS In Mentor
MENTOR, OH — Fire crews found thick, pungent smoke billowing from a laboratory in the Mentor STERIS facility on Wednesday afternoon. The smoke came from a fire in a lab storing chemicals, but the chemicals were deemed not to be a public health hazard, officials said. No one was hurt in the fire.

An alarm went off at the STERIS facility at about noon on Wednesday. Fire crews rushed to the Heisley Road-based company.

Firefighters initially thought it had been a false alarm, but then found acrid smoke coming from an unoccupied lab known to contain chemicals. All employees were evacuated safely and fire crews from neighboring cities were called to the scene.

Investigators initially could not determine if the chemicals were dangerous or if there was an abundance of chemicals in the lab. Eventually, firefighters were able to determine there was not a public health hazard, the city of Mentor said in a statement. The fire was contained.

Fire crews remained on scene at STERIS throughout the afternoon, ventilating the building and helping employees collect their personal belongings.

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4 days ago by dchas

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