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Former PM of Juha Sipilä resigns after as chair of the Center party after crushing electoral defeat.

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Inmates in Finland are training AI as part of prison labor - The Verge
"Prison labor” is usually associated with physical work, but inmates at two prisons in Finland are doing a new type of labor: classifying data to train artificial intelligence algorithms for a startup. (..)

Vainu is building a comprehensive database of companies around the world that helps businesses find contractors to work with, says co-founder Tuomas Rasila. For this to work, people need to read through hundreds of thousands of business articles scraped from the internet and label whether, for example, an article is about Apple the tech company or a fruit company that has “apple” in the name. (This labeled data is then used to train an algorithm that manages the database.)"
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9 days ago by typhon
White nationalists from around the world are meeting in Finland. Here's what you need to know. - VICE News
Terorrism experts said that the mosque shooting was more evidence that far-right extremism — despite its ideological fixation on national identity — now constitutes a growing global terror threat.

For example, the shooter’s manifesto was titled “The Great Replacement,” a nod to the ideas of far-right writer Renaud Camus, which have been hugely influential in the growing “Identitarian” movement in Europe and the U.S.

“We’ve seen a growing internationalization of all this,” said Hans-Jakob Schindler, senior director of international policy organization the Counter Extremism Project and a former coordinator of the U.N. team monitoring ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. “The conference is a wonderful example of that.”
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14 days ago by harcesz
Finland’s basic income trial made people more trusting - Vox
New results are in for a landmark experiment in basic income.
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17 days ago by jorgebarba
How Finland Solved Homelessness | HuffPost UK
With one ridiculously simple policy, it has almost completely eradicated street homelessness.
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18 days ago by andyscotuk
Computational History | University of Helsinki
People The group, led by PI Mikko Tolonen, takes valuable input and contributions from a wide group of people. The following people, in order of... via Pocket
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19 days ago by kintopp
Soletair - Sustainable technologies
Soletair is sustainable technology which utilizes carbon dioxide capture technology. Soletair is completely new solution for sustainable future!
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20 days ago by asaltydog

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