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APR and APY: Why Your Bank Hopes You Can't Tell the Difference
Do you know the difference between Annual Percentage Rate and Annual Percentage Yield? Check out how they can affect your own account balance.
financial  investopedia 
1 hour ago by geglover
Important Changes at Liberty Blitzkrieg | Liberty Blitzkrieg
he unconscionable public betrayal perpetrated by the U.S. government and Federal Reserve via its massive bailout of the few at the expense of the many
imperialism  corruption  banking  financial 
21 hours ago by foliovision
Fueling Open Source Innovation and Sustainability - CommunityBridge
"CommunityBridge is a platform created by the Linux Foundation (LF) to empower developers — and the individuals and organizations who support them — to advance sustainability, security, and diversity in open source technology."

One of its main purpose is to help with funding. It includes some security-related services and a means for connecting developers with mentors.

Statement ( from the Software Freedom Conservancy on this new initiative:

1. It's closed-source, shall make it open-source (FOSS)

2. No charitable tax deduction and unsafe governance (LF is not a charity, but a trade association — designed to serve the common business interest of its paid members, who control its Board of Directors)

3. LF's system is similar to Patreon and other platforms in that it is a hands-off system that takes a cut of the money and provides minimal financial services.

SFC's conclusion:
"This new LF system is probably just right for FOSS projects that (a) prefer to use single-point-of-failure, proprietary software rather than FOSS for their infrastructure, (b) do not want to operate in a way that is dedicated to the public good, and (c) have very minimal fiscal sponsorship needs, such as occasional reimbursements of project expenses."

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Platform  Financial  Fundraising  Donations  Tax  Legal  Linux  opensource  Sustainability  Security  Biodiversity  Technology  Software_Engineering  Service_Provider  grants 
6 days ago by eocas
PwC World Wide Tax Summaries, WWTS helps external client users to get up-to-date summary of basic information about corporate tax and individual taxes in over 150 countries worldwide.
financial  tax 
6 days ago by reorx
can financial advisors earn a % of returns - Google Search
n average a 3% increase in the value of their portfolios each year. ... It computes the actual amount of improvement in investment returns at 1.82% per year for those who use professional advice to make their financial decisions.Sep 29, 2018
financial  advisor 
6 days ago by nauce
5 Lessons Learned from my Profitable Indie Documentary—2017 Update
Superb #lessons #learned from filmmaker's first documentary, highlighting distribution plan + financial returns
producer  release  indie  documentary  film  financial  model  return  usa  culture  sriracha  distribution  video  vod  demand  itunes  amazon  hulu  crowdfunding  licensing  dvd  distributor  19eyz  bullsi  revenue  investor 
6 days ago by csrollyson
How the UK Makes Money
The United Kingdom has one of the strongest economies in the world thanks to the strength of its services, manufacturing construction and tourism sectors.
investopedia  uk  financial 
7 days ago by geglover
How to Refactor Your Finances - An Interview With a Programmer Who Retired at 34 - Triplebyte Blog
"I'm sure a lot of developers would agree that refactoring is the best part of writing code—because you can make it super efficient and make every line useful. I think the same principles can be applied to your financial life and your life in general. If you're super efficient with your spending, and you're making a software engineering salary, then money piles up quite quickly. That's why I think there are so many software engineers in the FIRE community. They are used to systems an...
fire  financial  lifestyle  wealth  saving 
8 days ago by ivar

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