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Watch out for tax traps with U.S. index funds - The Globe and Mail
I hate to break it to you, but even in your RRSP the TD e-Series U.S. index fund is subject to U.S. withholding tax. This is true of any Canadian mutual fund or Canadian-listed exchange-traded fund that holds U.S. stocks. U.S. withholding tax will also apply if you hold the TD U.S. index fund in a TFSA – or any other account, for that matter, although you’ll be able to claim a foreign tax credit if you’re investing in a non-registered account.
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The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning - Gengo AI
What are some open datasets for machine learning? We at Gengo decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for high quality datasets.
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S&P500 Shiller CAPE, Treasury rates, etc.
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Paipaidai distills over 1,000 variables to present a 360-degree user profile of its borrowers. As of March 31, 2018, Paipaidai had approximately 11.3 million unique borrowers. Paipaidai has established systematic risk management procedures that have proven to be effective in various macro-economic environments. Paipaidai's proprietary and big-data based credit scoring model, the Magic Mirror Model, represents one of its key competitive advantages. As the core component of our risk management procedures, Paipaidai is continually testing and refining its credit decision-making rules and continues to study the increasing amount of data accumulated through Paipaidai's loan facilitation.

Paipaidai generates revenues primarily from fees charged to borrowers for Paipaidai's services in matching them with investors and for other services Paipaidai provides over the loan lifecycle. With the growing wealth of China's large consumer base, the increasing willingness of China's young generation to spend, as well as new internet-based business models, China's household consumption shows favorable growth prospects.
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