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REST API Design: Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination | Moesif Blog
Advanced REST API design guidelines for API filtering, sorting, and pagination.
rest  pagination  filtering 
2 days ago by mortbauer
The N95 mask: The untold origin story
As particles, whether silica or viruses, fly into this maze of sticks, they get stuck making turns. 3M also added an electrostatic charge to the material, so even smaller particles find themselves pulled toward the fibers. Meanwhile, because there are so many big holes, breathing is easy.


The longer you wear an N95 respirator, the more efficient it becomes at filtering out particles. More particles just help filter more particles. But breathing becomes more difficult over time as those gaping holes between the fibers get clogged up with particles, which is why an N95 respirator can’t be worn for more than about eight hours at a time in a very dusty environment. It doesn’t stop filtering; it just prevents you from breathing comfortably.

The N95 respirator isn’t perfect. It isn’t designed to seal well to the face of children or those with facial hair, and if it doesn’t seal, it doesn’t work as advertised. Furthermore, the N95 variants that are worn in high-risk operating rooms don’t have an exhalation valve, so they can get particularly hot to wear.
masks  security  safety  filtering  breathing  covid-19  N95  3M 
5 days ago by dominomaster
mbrt/gmailctl: Declarative configuration for Gmail filters
A file format for representing Gmail filters, and a Golang-based utility for manipulating them (and applying them to a Gmail account).
software  mail  filtering 
9 days ago by schahn

Today, when you want to subscribe to a calendar, you basically have two options:

Add the calendar's url to the list of external calendars in your calendar viewer. You will receive updates, but won't be able to delete events you are not interested in.

Take a copy of the calendar and import it in your calendar viewer. You will be able to delete events you are not interested in, but you won't receive any updates. lets you create filters for your imported ical (iCalendar, .ics) calendar feeds which you want to have updates from but hide events you are not interested in. Good example uses are schedules, facebook events, etc.


Just enter the url below and we will create a new url for you, which you can add to the list of external calendars in your calendar viewer. You will receive updates as usual but if you want to hide a event, all you have to do is to click the link we add in the event description. You can also use the rule based advanced filter management.
tools  services  ical  filtering  icalendar  ics 
5 weeks ago by thedward
Protecting Wideband RF Systems In Congested Electromagnetic Environments, Jan 2020
"The Wideband Adaptive RF Protection (WARP) program seeks to enhance protections for wideband receivers operating in congested and contested EM environments. The goal is to develop wideband, adaptive filters and analog signal cancellers that selectively attenuate – or cancel – externally generated interference signals (from adversarial jamming, for instance) and self-generated interference signals (like those created by a radio’s own transmitter) to protect wideband digital radios from saturation."
RF  filtering  DoD  Interference 
9 weeks ago by pierredv
overpass turbo
This is overpass turbo, a web-based data filtering tool for OpenStreetMap.
overpass  turbo  osm  openstreetmap  map  data  filtering  tool  online  geospatial  interactive  query 
10 weeks ago by vicchow
Stochastic dynamics filtering and optimization | Control systems and optimization | Cambridge University Press
"Targeted at graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the field of science and engineering, this book gives a self-contained introduction to a measure-theoretic framework in laying out the definitions and basic concepts of random variables and stochastic diffusion processes. It then continues to weave into a framework of several practical tools and applications involving stochastic dynamical systems. These include tools for the numerical integration of such dynamical systems, nonlinear stochastic filtering and generalized Bayesian update theories for solving inverse problems and a new stochastic search technique for treating a broad class of non-convex optimization problems. MATLAB® codes for all the applications are uploaded on the companion website."
to:NB  books:noted  optimization  filtering  state_estimation  stochastic_processes  state-space_models  re:almost_none 
12 weeks ago by cshalizi

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