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Chris Frith - How to get a job as an assistant editor
Make a list of your favorite editors, assistants and post-production supervisors, then look at patterns on IMDb – who frequently works with who. If there’s an editor you admire, see if they work with the same assistants and find out why. Reverse-engineer their career. Did they assist when they were starting out? How did they jump from that to editing? Do they frequently work with the same director? See if there’s someone on those teams you can reach out to or go visit all the post-production houses and try to meet with someone and drop off your thoroughly proofread CV.

If you make contact, keep it short and simple. When I was getting in touch with people I was never asking for jobs, I would just thank them for the work they have done and the inspiration they provided me. If they responded positively, I might try and see if I could visit their cutting room for some advice. I would show up slightly early with tasty treats for the team. It’s important not to overlook the assistants, we’re the ones who do the hiring and our job or a trainee job is probably the one you are aiming for at first.

Set tangible goals with deadlines. That can range from “visit five post houses this week” to “meet 10 assistants this month” or “start work on a feature film by the end of the year”. Demonstrate that you are driven, passionate and focused. See if you can learn about proper cutting room etiquette.

If you want to be an editor, have opinions about other films/editing, then articulate why you like or dislike them well. Save up as much money as you can so you can take the jobs you want, not because you have to. Recognize that there are many paths to the same destination, maybe you’d prefer to edit something small rather than assist on something big.

Whatever you do, keep cutting! Cut on the job if you can, find side-projects, make your own videos or mashups from YouTube. Do something that keeps refining your skills for the job you want. The only way to develop the reflexes required to perform well under pressure is by actually doing the job.
[Some good advice for a writer here, too.]
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