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Comparison of Educational Sales Distributors Platforms | TFC Blog
Superb! TFC interviews #educational #sales #distributors on their markets, models, pricing, marketing #distribution #documentary ^cr
education  sales  distribution  bullsi2  reference  exceptional  19eyz  university  distributor  comparison  model  filmmaker  professor  library  cause  VOD  DVD  Statistics  revenue 
5 days ago by csrollyson
TFC Blog | spotlight on global film distribution platform FilmDoo
@FilmDoo enables #filmmakers to reach global audiences; strong in global, #humanitarian #LGBT #crosscultural #FiveMillionFilm ^cr
distribution  film  humanitarian  lgbt  genre  international  global  platform  VOD  AVOD  filmmaker  19eyz  bullsi 
5 days ago by csrollyson
Displacement & Resilience: women Iive for a new day | The International Association of Women in Radio & Television
2019 Documentary compares female #refugee experiences in host countries #india #tunisia #philippines #canada #women. Chandita Mukherjee EP'd + 5 filmmakers in host countries #kudos ^cr
women  refugee  documentary  19eyz  2019  asia  india  philippines  canada  tunisia  executive  producer  filmmaker  syria  comparison 
6 days ago by csrollyson
How To Find A (Good) Film Producer
Concise how-to helps #filmmakers find the right #producer partner + How to approach candidates #FiveMillionFilm ^cr
howto  producer  advice  19eyz  filmmaker  networking  festival  referral  pointofview  research 
6 days ago by csrollyson
About Us | Impact Partners Film
Invests in and supports #cause-focused #documentaries [and features] #FiveMillionFilm ^cr
investor  producer  firm  documentary  cause  film  executive  reference  19eyz  filmmaker  social  impact  international  activism 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Documentary Film Guide | Women + Film
[Cause focused] #Documentary #film guide includes helpful lists of must-see films, #fundraising sources, top #women #filmmakers ^cr
documentary  film  women  guide  list  directory  cause  social  impact  investor  director  filmmaker  fundraising  history  story  19eyz  reference 
12 days ago by csrollyson
So what *does* a producer do? : Discuss : Shooting People
Very useful: Mixed #film creative & production people discussing (+arguing ;^) what #producers do + their relationships to film creatives ^cr
producer  filmmaker  director  writer  auteur  documentary  discussion  production  distribution  creative  business  relationship  forum  role  bullsi  photography  line  19eyz 
12 days ago by csrollyson
How to Find a Producer | Filmmaker Magazine
Nice detail helps #directors and #filmmakers understand the process of finding a #producer and forming a fruitful partnership #kudos ^cr
19eyz  howto  executive  producer  search  director  filmmaker  research  reference  bullsi  business  partner  network 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Lily Benson is an American filmmaker & visual artist. Her work examines feminist history and reconstructs it into new narrative forms.
film  art  artist  filmmaker  visualart  feminism 
13 days ago by stjp
Distribution Transparency: Four Filmmakers Reveal Their Numbers, Part Two | Filmmaker Magazine
2 superb #case #studies of #DIY #distribution for cause #films + #piracy as channel & growing audience w #socialmedia #independent #producer ^cr
filmmaker  DIY  distribution  cause  film  documentary  casestudy  theater  marketing  email  social  media  strategy  finance  audience  piracy  education  sales  exceptional  bullsi  revenue  VOD  TV  rights  19eyz  bullsi2 
15 days ago by csrollyson
DEALMAKING DONE RIGHT: A Back-to-Basics Approach to the Byzantine World of Waterfalls, Hurdle Rates and Preferred Returns - Producers Guild of America
Superbly useful discussion of common film deals, #producer cuts with #investors, senior #talent #distributors, nice graphic #kudos #waterfall #hurdlerate
producer  filmmaker  director  investor  contract  model  statistics  bullsi  exceptional  2015  hollywood  independent  film  19eyz  deal  split 
15 days ago by csrollyson
Case Studies from The Film Collaborative | TFC Blog
Superb trove of #independent #flim [mostly] #distribution case studies: A gold mine of experience and learnings #kudos @filmcollab
film  release  reference  bullsi  casestudy  marketing  DIY  VOD  finance  crowdsourcing  19eyz  distribution  filmmaker  producer  investor  festival  lessons  learned  Business 
27 days ago by csrollyson
Film Distribution Strategies: Changes in Movie Windowing
Concise discussion of evolving #film #windowing models: Examples, channel conflict, stats #distribution #producer #investor #filmmaker Thx @researchglenn
film  window  model  disruption  theater  AVOD  TVOD  SVOD  OTT  amazon  netflix  hulu  channel  conflict  home  daydate  release  example  producer  filmmaker  strategy  screen  device  Statistics  value  proposition 
27 days ago by csrollyson
Who will finance your film and why? Proven strategies to get your film funded and produced. | Chris Jones Filmmaker Blog
How to think about and talk with various #film #investors successfully: investor types, psychology & why each invests + tactics for #filmmakers
investor  filmmaker  producer  finance  investment  model  interaction  exceptional  bullsi  19eyz  friend  family  angel  crowdfunding  cast  crew  value  proposition  risk  humility  tax  strategy  Business 
27 days ago by csrollyson
Top 18 Strategies and Tactics To Get stuff Free or Massive Discounts | Chris Jones Filmmaker Blog
Must-read for #filmmaker #directors: How to ask people for things as a list focuses on practical ways to show your consideration of #investors #vendors #cast - specific advice for communication and interaction #kudos
exceptional  film  movie  producer  filmmaker  howto  relationship  investor  vendor  communication  ego  humility  empathy  interaction  email  consideration  list  bullsi  19eyz  Business 
27 days ago by csrollyson
The Independent Film System is Broken (and Some Advice on How to Succeed Anyway)
Questions #film gatekeeper systems like schools, money and celebrity: Suggests going your own way by building reputation and #relationships
filmmaker  howto  example  finance  story  producer  investor  feature  movie  19eyz  advice  bootstrap  reputation  relationship  Business 
27 days ago by csrollyson
How the New 'Atari' Movie Could Revolutionize Film Finance by Tokenization on the Blockchain
Alt #film #financing: How to use #blockchain to tokenize and finance various parts of your #independent film #producer #investor
blockchain  film  investing  video  toronto  festival  2018  19eyz  pioneer  alternative  investor  filmmaker  producer  Business 
27 days ago by csrollyson
How to Make a Movie: My First Feature Film
A #filmmaker dissects how he make his first movie: excellent logistical detail about #shooting #casting #equipment
director  filmmaker  interview  script  writer  equipment  casting  shooting  cinematography  sound  lighting  wardrobe  logistics  19eyz  bullsi 
27 days ago by csrollyson

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