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Automating common tasks on your computer
see 16.2 for examples of walking through a directory of files using os.walk
python  custom  utilities  files  directories  os.walk 
21 hours ago by GreggInCA
Review of methods to download files using PowerShell – Tech thoughts
The goal of this post is to review and compare different methods to download files using PowerShell.
powershell  files 
4 days ago by J0hnS
Massive file renamer utility

Easy to use and Modern interface.
Preview the changes before applying them.
Multiple options for modifying your file's name (Invert the text, change order based in a separator, change the extension, switch between lowercases/uppercases and replace text).
Ability to filter which files will be modified, based in a Regular Expression.
Massive changes under the indicated directory or folder.
Option to modify files in the directory's subfolders.
Cross-platform with support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
And more...
app  setup  tools  files  filesystem  scripting  automation 
13 days ago by michaelfox
countable-web/cryptsend: Send files anywhere->anywhere securely
Send files anywhere->anywhere securely. Contribute to countable-web/cryptsend development by creating an account on GitHub.
files  cryptography 
13 days ago by geetarista

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