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Figma Goes 3D — Use Torch to Prototype AR Apps (Torch)
Как прототипировать интерфейсы дополненной реальности в связке Figma и инструмента Torch.
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6 days ago by jvetrau
Designing an Open Financial System at Coinbase
The Coinbase mission is to create an open financial system for the world. To deliver on this vision, the design team has four guiding principles: to guide, empower, humanize and simplify.
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6 days ago by simonalibert
State of Design Systems 2018
Every company has a different take on how to build design systems, so it can be hard to parse the universal truths. What is a design system, exactly? Who are they for? When is the right time to create one? Best practices are emerging amid the diversity of approaches.
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6 days ago by simonalibert
How we built the Figma Design team
We couldn’t be more proud to announce 4 new designers — Tori Hinn, Lucyné Babayan, Bradee Evans, and Marcin Wichary — to the Figma Design team! Just under a year ago, we only had one full-time core product designer and a few of us chipping in part-time toward feature work.
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6 days ago by simonalibert

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