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Design System Basics in Figma
As a design system freak and a Figma lover, I've developed a methodology to create design systems easily & efficiently. I've decided to share it with you guys, with the hope that it will save you…
11 days ago by cbotwell
Figma 101 Email Course (Designlab)
Небольшой курс по работе с Figma от Designlab.
UX  tools  figma  learning  online  course 
12 days ago by jvetrau
VRooms - Instant VR Prototyping in Figma | Invision for VR
Design, Test, & Share VR Interfaces
Create in Figma. Test in WebVR.
Design in 2D like you always do. VRooms allows you to design for VR without the pain of compiling and running code or VR programs. Test instantly in WebVR & share with developers & stakeholders. It's Invision, for VR.
Figma  vr  virtual-reality  beta  testing  webVR  onlinetool 
15 days ago by gwippich
How to do content design / UX writing in Figma (Figma Design)
Ryan Cordell из Deliveroo рассказывает, как интерфейсные писатели работают совместно с дизайнерами в Figma.
UX  tools  figma  collaboration  tips  case  issue 
20 days ago by jvetrau
How to build your design system in Figma
We’re bullish on design systems here at Figma…in case you couldn’t tell from our announcements this week 😋. 2018 will be a big year, as we develop into a learning resource for the community to discuss the subject. We also want to support our own users in their design system journey with Figma.
designsystem  figma  design 
24 days ago by vancura
Figma 101 Email Course | Designlab
When it comes to design software, Figma is the cool new kid on the block. It combines the simplicity of Sketch with real-time collaboration features and powerful extra tools. Even better, it runs in your web browser, meaning you can use it on any computer.
7 weeks ago by GameGamer43

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