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Akira Yasuda – 2003 Developer Interview
In the first half of this lengthy 2003 interview, legendary designer and illustrator Akira “Akiman” Yasuda looks back at his origins as an artist and the early titles to which he lent his talents as a Capcom employee, including the popular and influential brawler Final Fight and the era-defining and canonical fighting game Street Fighter II.

Stay tuned for part II!
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6 days ago by cla
M.Bison Combo Thread: "Child! It is I who am the strongest!"
For slightly more damage and slightly less stun you could opt for 454 damage 635 stun - s.HK(CC), c.HP, V Trigger, s.HP xx MK Scissor Kick xx EX Inferno EX Head Stomp 475 damage 645 stun - VT active, J.HP/HK, S.HK, C.MP xx LK Scissor Kick xx EX Psycho Blast xx Ex Psycho Inferno xx EX Head Stomp (corner only combo)
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19 days ago by cla
Street Fighter 5 Bison Guide - How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter | SegmentNext
Street Fighter 5 Bison guide with tips and strategies to play Bison, play against Bison and counter Bison in competitive games.
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