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Brash Books | Ralph Dennis
Author of the "Hardman" series
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16 hours ago by AKA
The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures
The Interactive Fiction Database is an IF game catalog and recommendation engine. IFDB is a Wiki-style community project: members can add new game listings, write reviews, exchange game recommendations, and more
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22 hours ago by gdw
Du gibst einfach Deinen ersten Satz ein, schon schreibt die Maschine Deine Geschichte zu Ende.
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yesterday by homofaber
Lola Seaton · Deliveroo · LRB 24 January 2019
My relationship with Deliveroo is mutually exploitative and entirely mercenary
fiction  contemporary  startup 
3 days ago by soobrosa
Future Home of the Living God (Audiobook) by Louise Erdrich |
Written by Louise Erdrich, Audiobook narrated by Louise Erdrich. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book free when you sign up for a 30-day Trial.
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4 days ago by lgtout
Ursula K. Le Guin: A Message About Messages
"My fiction, especially for kids and young adults, is often reviewed as if it existed in order to deliver a useful little sermon (“Growing up is tough but you can make it,” that sort of thing). Does it ever occur to such reviewers that the meaning of the story might lie in the language itself, in the movement of the story as read, in an inexpressible sense of discovery, rather than a tidy bit of advice?"

"The complex meanings of a serious story or novel can be understood only by participation in the language of the story itself. To translate them into a message or reduce them to a sermon distorts, betrays, and destroys them."

"It’s easier to accept this about the other arts. A dance, a landscape painting — we’re less likely to talk about its message than simply about the feelings it rouses in us. Or music: we know there’s no way to say all a song may mean to us, because the meaning is not so much rational as deeply felt, felt by our emotions and our whole body, and the language of the intellect can’t fully express those understandings.
"In fact, art itself is our language for expressing the understandings of the heart, the body, and the spirit.
"Any reduction of that language into intellectual messages is radically, destructively incomplete.
"This is as true of literature as it is of dance or music or painting. But because fiction is an art made of words, we tend to think it can be translated into other words without losing anything. So people think a story is just a way of delivering a message."
art  fiction  science_fiction 
4 days ago by PeterErwin
William Gibson On Burroughs, Sterling, Dick, Libraries, The Uncanny, The Web - The Awl
In real life, William Gibson looks like you would imagine. A little older than the Gibson you imagine, but he was born in 1948, so it only stands to reason. He is gaunt and affable, clothes black, smart looking frames on his eyeglasses, more avuncular than professorial.
science  fiction 
4 days ago by jeffhammond
To Vienna by train
Arthur Schnitzler does so much with a handful of details.
4 days ago by M.Leddy

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