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Labour's antisemitism row has made everyone look awful, from foolish activists to a hypocritical PM | Mark Steel
Theresa May would never tolerate the slightest hint of anti-Semitism. That’s why she was one of the only leaders in Europe to oppose a motion censuring Viktor Orban.
28th  february  2019  mark  steel  independent  politics 
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RT : Kew Gardens has recorded a temp of 21.2C this afternoon. It's a new all-time maximum temp record for UK.…
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Fewer Officers, More Calls: U.K. Police Are Stretched by Austerity | Benjamin Mueller
Police forces in Britain are shrinking, as are social services. Now officers are overwhelmed with problems that the other agencies once handled.
1st  february  2019  nyt  benjamin  mueller  politics  birmingham 
28 days ago by pnjman

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