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14 days ago by TomRaftery
Vodafone’s 2019 IoT Barometer Reflects Robust Growth In The Enterprise
85% of enterprises who develop deep expertise with IoT succeed at driving revenue faster than competitors.
81% of enterprises say Artificial Intelligence streamlines interpreting and taking action on data insights gained from IoT systems and sensors.
68% of enterprises are using IoT to track the security of physical assets, making this use case the most common across enterprises today.
Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing & Industrials saw the most significant increase in adoption between 2018 and 2019."
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16 days ago by jonerp
74% Of Data Breaches Start With Privileged Credential Abuse
"Enterprises who are prioritizing privileged credential security are creating a formidable competitive advantage over their peers, ensuring operations won’t be interrupted by a breach. However, there’s a widening gap between those businesses protected from a breach and the many who aren’t. In quantifying this gap consider the typical U.S.-based enterprise will lose on average $7.91M from a breach, nearly double the global average of $3.68M according to IBM’s 2018 Data Breach Study."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  centrify  cybersecurity  ibm  2018  data  breach  study  louis  columbus'  blog  privileged  access  management  in  the  modern  threatscape  report  credential  abuse  security 
18 days ago by jonerp
The coming Enterprise Software Hurricane
"In the book, I point out that “tilting the bell curve of customers” to move Bystanders into the Risk Taker and Modernizer categories is SAP’s big short term opportunity. The book has several ideas for SAP to do so. Other on-prem vendors have similar opportunities in their own customer bases. And, whoever does it quickly in their customer base will also have a shot at attracting Risk-takers and Modernizers from other on-prem competitors. However, as these vendors introduce new offerings and messages, SaaS, TPM and other vendors won’t stand still – they will update their own offerings to remain competitive."
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24 days ago by jonerp
Top 25 IoT Startups To Watch In 2019
"The most successful IoT startups selling into enterprises excel at orchestrating analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real-time monitoring to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a group, these top 25 IoT startups are showing early potential at enabling profitable new business models, revitalizing industries that have experienced single single-digit growth recently. Each of these startups is taking a unique approach to solving some of the enterprises’ most challenging problems, and in so doing creating valuable new patents that further fuel IoT adoption and growth."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  internet  of  things  startups  louis  columbus'  blog  top  25  iot  2019 
28 days ago by jonerp
Polishing brand ERP
"As an industry, we have implemented or upgraded ERP software tens of millions of times. It is absurd that we tolerate the failure rates and cost overruns that has become synonymous with ERP. Every aspect of ERP was a reason to gouge – close to 100% gross margins on software, ridiculous MPLS circuit and storage pricing, you name it. Offshore vendors who could show CMM Level 5 continuous improvements suddenly forgot that discipline when it came to ERP support. Much of what is delivered by SIs and outsourcers can and should be automated – see several ideas here"
featured  posts  technology  software  accenture  eds)  enterprise  (ibm  (other  vendors)  microsoft  offshoring  oracle  outsourcing  sap 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Digital Transformation’s Missing Link Is Zero Trust
"Gaps exist between the results digital transformation initiatives are delivering today, and the customer-driven value they’re capable of. According to Gartner, 75% of digital transformation projects are not aligned internally today, leading to delayed new product launches, mediocre experiences, and greater security risks than ever before."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  centrify  cybersecurity  louis  columbus'  blog  mobileiron  palo  alto  networks  privileged  access  management  (pam)  world  economic  forum 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Top 10 Ways Internet Of Things And Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains
"One CIO told me recently his company deliberately spins up several POCs at once, adding “they’re our proving grounds, we’re pushing blockchain and IoT’s limits to see if they can solve our most challenging supply chain problems and we’re learning a tremendous amount.”
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  blockchain  forecasts  use  cases  ethical  supply  chains  ibm  food  trust  iiot  industrial  internet  of  things 
6 weeks ago by jonerp
How Machine Learning Improves Manufacturing Inspections, Product Quality & Supply Chain Visibility
"Manufacturers’ most valuable data is generated on shop floors daily, bringing with it the challenge of analyzing it to find prescriptive insights fast – and an ideal problem for machine learning to solve.

Manufacturing is the most data-prolific industry there is, generating on average 1.9 petabytes of data every year according to the McKinsey Global Insititute. Supply chains, sourcing, factory operations, and the phases of compliance and quality management generate the majority of data."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  inspectorio  louis  columbus'  blog  machine  learning  manufacturing  mckinsey  global  institute’  product  inspections  quality 
7 weeks ago by jonerp
Which Analytics And BI Technologies Will Be The Highest Priority In 2019?
"82% of enterprises are prioritizing analytics and BI applications and platforms as part of their budgets for new technologies and cloud-based services. 78% of enterprises are prioritizing advanced analytics, and 76% data preparation. 54% say AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are also a high investment priority. The following graphic ranks enterprises’ investment priorities for acquiring or subscribing to new technologies and cloud-based services by analytics and BI initiatives or strategies. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  analytics  bi  and  in  the  age  of  ai  big  data  intelligence  cloud  computing  lake  louis  columbus'  blog 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Defense contractor: IT must embrace ‘radical transparency and culture change’
" One of the things that I didn’t like when I joined, and it’s common in corporate culture but I wanted to change within L3 is, somebody would ask a perfectly reasonable question, and another person will say, “Well, we don’t know the answer. We’ll get back to you.”

Well, now the conversation is dead. But, what you want is an active, “Well, let’s see what the data says,” because it exists, right? That’s the thing that drove me crazy. Somebody has got the data. How come it all isn’t in a giant warehouse so that we can peal things back to the infinite level that we want to? Sort of like an onion. You peel back the layers and peel back the layers to get down to the answer to say, “The reason why this isn’t working or is working so well, is because of this.”"
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11 weeks ago by jonerp

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