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Fewer people 'using Facebook for news' - BBC News
suggested young audiences were more likely to use WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat for news, partly because there was a growing desire to discuss news in relative privacy.
The proportion of those surveyed that accessed news via WhatsApp had tripled in four years, to 15%. This tended to be much higher in countries, such as Malaysia and Turkey, where it can be dangerous to express views in more open networks.
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4 days ago by paulbradshaw
学研の『科学と学習』が電子書籍で復刻 40歳以上には涙モノの学習マンガ - ねとらぼ

学研の『科学と学習』が電子書籍で復刻 40歳以上には涙モノの学習マンガ
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4 days ago by k3c
Here Are 18 Things You Might Not Have Realized Facebook Tracks About You
1. information from "computers, phones, connected TVs, and other web-connected devices," as well as your "internet service provider or mobile operator"
2. "mouse movements" on your computer
3. "app and file names" (and the types of files) on your devices
4. whether the browser window with Facebook open is "foregrounded or backgrounded," and time, frequency, and duration of activities
5. information about "nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers" and "signal strength" to triangulate your location ("Connection information like your IP address or Wi-Fi connection and specific location information like your device's GPS signal help us understand where you are," said a Facebook spokesperson.)
6. information "about other devices that are nearby or on their network"
7. "battery level"
8. "available storage space"
9. installed "plugins"
10. "connection speed"
11. "purchases [users] make" on off-Facebook websites
12. contact information "such as an address book" and, for Android users, "call log or SMS log history" if synced, for finding "people they may know" (Here's how to turn off contact uploading or delete contacts you've uploaded.)
13. information "about how users use features like our camera" (The Facebook spokesperson explained, "In order to provide features like camera effects, we receive what you see through camera, send to our server, and generate a mask/filter.")
14. "location of a photo or the date a file was created" through the file's metadata
15. information through your device's settings, such as "GPS location, camera, or photos"
16. information about your "online and offline actions" and purchases from third-party data providers
17. "device IDs, and other identifiers, such as from games, apps or accounts users use"
18. "when others share or comment on a photo of them, send a message to them, or upload, sync or import their contact information"
4 days ago by libbymiller
It has never been so easy to document your things!
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6 days ago by jamescarlos
#109 Is Facebook Spying on You? by Reply All from Gimlet Media
Facebook may not listen to you but it shows you ads based on what? Knowing what your friend did and that you recently spent time with them?
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6 days ago by psychemedia

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