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Aspects List - RPGnetWiki
Aspects are a phrase, a quote, or a sentence that defines a truth about a character or a game truth
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may 2018 by Glutnix
RPG Note Cards
Web application for playing Fate Core and similar games online
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may 2018 by Glutnix
Alternative Initiative System (Fate Core) - Google Docs
Interesting alternative method for handling initiative in conflict.
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april 2018 by axodys
Galactic Campaigns • View topic - Star Wars in Fate Core & Fate Accelerated
Nice illustration of FAE pc evolution mechanics via the character of Luke Skywalker.
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april 2018 by axodys
New to Fate? A Quick List of Resources
If you’re looking to find out more about Fate or want a quick understanding of the core elements of the system, this quick list of a resources will help get […]
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april 2018 by Glutnix
Revisiting Fate Compel Refusal | Ryan Macklin
Considering the idea of negotiating an alternative aspect to a compel rather than an outright no. A fate point is still spent by the player, but they get to shape the narrative to their advantage.
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april 2018 by axodys
Fate Stunts for RPG Roles: Tank
Good ideas for additional combat oriented defensive stunts.
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april 2018 by axodys
An introduction to 's rules, summed-up in a 2-page comics!…
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july 2017 by rickenharp
Reading now. Having "the usual" .
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august 2016 by daisyk
Fate Core: Writing Adventure Fractals Part 3 | Ryan M. Danks
Yesterday, we discussed a revision to the previously created adventure fractals. Today, I’d like to delve into a thorough method of writing these adventure sheets to help GMs fly through the process. Writing an adventure shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, assuming you already know what the story will be about.
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january 2014 by dlkinney
Fate Core: Adventure Fractals Part 2 | Ryan M. Danks
In my opinion, no system for running games can get too simple for a GM. They already have so much to worry about, why make them have to also add bookkeeping to that list? This update removes all complicated bookkeeping. You could literally have everything you need for the whole adventure on the front (and maybe back, for an adventure with a lot of scenes) of a 3×5 card!
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january 2014 by dlkinney

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