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アタランテメイドオルタ /GrandOrder #アタランテ・オルタ
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2 days ago by Sabas
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12 days ago by Sabas
マシュ・キリエライト ...2
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13 days ago by Sabas
Aspects List - RPGnetWiki
Aspects are a phrase, a quote, or a sentence that defines a truth about a character or a game truth
rpg  roleplaying  story  tool  table  list  fate  fate-rpg  fatecore  risus  games  tabletop 
14 days ago by Glutnix
RPG Note Cards
Web application for playing Fate Core and similar games online
fate  fatecore  rpg  roleplaying  online  multiplayer  webapp 
17 days ago by Glutnix
Star Wars Fate - Character Creation | Ten Thousand Suns
We’re using the Fate Core game system with a few adjustments and adaptations. Compared to many other game systems, Fate is more oriented toward story and narrative than mechanical complexity. Players have more control of the story than in most other games.
StarWars  RPG  Fate 
28 days ago by fozbaca
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4 weeks ago by Sabas
玉藻の前 テイルメイド・ストライクver.

photo*Comet.( )
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5 weeks ago by Sabas
clawclawbite comments on Do you prefer Fate Core or Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)? Why?
Fate acceleratrd appeals for settings with high character skills overlaps: if everyone is a cop, or a mech pilot, or an infantryman, or a Jedi, then it helps drive chacter differentiation.

If you want characters to differ by skill, keep to Fae.
5 weeks ago by kleefaj

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