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One of the world’s greatest sculptors warns America about the NRA - The Washington Post
Anish Kapoor sees the NRA’s use of his Chicago “Cloud Gate” as an ominous development.
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4 days ago by capcrime
The mystery of ‘populism’ finally unveiled | openDemocracy
Let’s call things by their rightful names. Giving in to racism and xenophobia instead of dealing with the seemingly intractable problem of millions becoming ‘superfluous populations’ because of technological development (digitalization, robotization, automation) and of financial crisis and of the retrenchment of global demand; putting up fences to stop these millions trying to escape starvation and war instead of spreading the benefits universally; making deals with tyrants such as Erdogan, Modi or al-Sisi; being silent about the predicament of groups like the Rohingya; becoming more and more similar to the enemy – this is what the official Left are doing, and the name for this is treason.

It isn’t true that there is no difference between Left and Right, but it is true that the Left is disappearing fast, like it did in 1914.
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Miklós Horthy - Wikipedia
Miklós Horthy was a Hungarian admiral and statesman, who became the Regent of Hungary.
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5 days ago by asaltydog
Julius Evola - Wikipedia
Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola (Italian: [ˈɛːvola];[1] 19 May 1898 – 11 June 1974), better known as Julius Evola (/ˈdʒuːliəs ɛˈvoʊlə/), was an Italian philosopher, painter, and esotericist. According to the scholar Franco Ferraresi, "Evola's thought can be considered one of the most radical and consistent anti-egalitarian, anti-liberal, anti-democratic, and anti-popular systems in the twentieth century. It is a singular (though not necessarily original) blend of several schools and traditions, including German idealism, Eastern doctrines, traditionalism, and the all-embracing Weltanschauung of the interwar conservative revolutionary movement with which Evola had a deep personal involvement".[2]
italy  politics  conservatism  fascism 
10 days ago by benjekman
Fighting authoritarianism: 20 lessons from the 20th century
Yale history professor Timothy Snyder took to Facebook to share some lessons from 20th century about how to protect our liberal democracy from fascism and authoritarianism.
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12 days ago by markhgn

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