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Death by Banister - Iptfog - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It's nearly December and first year Ravenclaw Hermione Granger can't find any mention of the kind of magic she's been doing since she was a toddler. She has decided it's time to ask her head of house for help.
genre:Alternative_Universe  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ♤:spellbound  z:ao3  ♤_✼:unremarkable_but_bearable  type:fanfiction  ship:Draco/Hermione  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail  fandom:harry_potter 
august 2016 by persassy
Silver Roses and Ebony Thorns - MadMaster - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco returns to Hogwarts his sixth year completely different. His father was sentenced to Azkaban, and he recieved an order from the Dark Lord-Kill Dumbledoor. As if his life isn't already fucked up enough, the summer before his sixth year he turns out to be a 2/3 Veela. So not only does he have wings and is deadly passionate he must hide what he is. Which is harder when he realizes a certain curly haired bookworm his his soulmate. Everything he was taught and everything he has ever know quite literally flew out the window.
fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ♤:spellbound  genre:Slap_Slap_Kiss_Kiss  genre:Smutty_McSmut  ♤_✼:good(ish)  z:ao3  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail  type:fanfiction  ship:Draco/Hermione  core_themes:creature_heritage  fandom:harry_potter 
august 2016 by persassy
Hiding My Heart - KittenWolf17 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
He wondered if Hermione knew that the three scents she wore symbolised innocence and dreams of first love all combined with the spicy scent of orange lilies which spoke of passion and desire and hatred. All he knew was that all but one of them was drawing him in and he couldn’t keep from sliding his nose along the curve of her neck as he breathed in the sweet scents, his arms still clamped tightly around her and his body suddenly pulsing with a desire to taste forbidden fruit.
genre:Slap_Slap_Kiss_Kiss  ♤:spellbound  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ♤_✼:good(ish)  z:ao3  ship:Draco/Hermione  type:fanfiction  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail  fandom:harry_potter 
august 2016 by persassy
The Girl Who Kissed A Death-Eater - KittenWolf17 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Hermione Granger never imagined her life would come to this. That she would be the girl who kissed a Death-Eater. And it all started on the worst night of her life. "Malfoy" She said, hoping reasoning with him might help. He had a bruise forming on his jaw from where Ron had hit him, and his eye was beginning to blacken. "Why would you protect him?" Malfoy hissed at her, stalking closer, no longer throwing curses now that she was disarmed.
fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ♤:spellbound  genre:Slap_Slap_Kiss_Kiss  ♤_✼:good(ish)  ship:Draco/Hermione  z:ao3  type:fanfiction  genre:Different_Resolution  fandom:harry_potter 
august 2016 by persassy
The Drums of War - queenofthenorth - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Red hair moved in the wind making it look like the lass was on fire. No, that was wrong for she was not on fire she was the flame come to life. Blood covered her entire body the sword still wet from the blood of the ones they sent down to face her first. "You are the devil." the blonde elder man spoke She moved her eyes away from the army standing on the hill down to the man in front of her. The sigil of the mighty lion engrained upon his armor. "Nay sir, what you see in front of you is no devil." She spoke taking her sword she pointed it down at his face so that the tip touched his cheek "I am no fabricated myth, for no devils or gods hold place in this battle of men. Yes, in this battle not even magic can save you or those of your blood."
fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  core_competencies:spirited_young_lady  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  ♛_✼:in_‘verse_plain_vanilla  type:fanfiction  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail 
august 2016 by persassy
The Fire in Her Blood - darks1st3r - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
They were wrong when they said that she resembled Catelyn Tully. Her hair color wasn't Tully auburn but burnished cooper, the same tint as Elia Martell's tresses when she was young and her eyes weren't Tully blues, they were dark indigos the very same hue like Prince Rhaegar has. They made a mistake when they called her Stark, she was a Targaryen. A dragon not a wolf. She wasn't a daughter of winter for fire is in her blood. or What if Sansa was Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell's third child? And what if Jon was born a Stark?
core_themes:prophecy_twist  fandom_tag:all_the_lives_Jon_and_Sansa_could_have_lived  fandom:asoiaf  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛_✼:in_‘verse_plain_vanilla  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  core_competencies:spirited_young_lady  type:fanfiction  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  z:ao3  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail 
august 2016 by persassy
The wind that calls - ravenria - A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
After conquering King's Landing, the Dragons look to the Kingdom of the North and all that lie beyond it. Prince Aegon makes his way to Winterfell to see the strength of the Starks and the truth in the cries of the Night's Watch. With him he brings his dragon Rhaegal and his mysterious lover- Cat of the Canals. Wary of the Targaryen Prince, King Jon sends his sister to uncover the games this young dragon wishes to play. Things get heated once Cat plays her card on the Prince and things have to get straightened out before the wall falls and the army of the dead cometh.
fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ship:Jon/Sansa  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  genre:Different_Resolution  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  ♛_✼:au_plain_vanilla 
august 2016 by persassy
To Everything There is a Season - Janina - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Set in London, 1835. Sansa is twenty-seven and a widow. She has no desire to marry again, after such a disastrous marriage. Finally, she is home, reunited with her family for her first season as a widow. At twenty, Jon Targaryen isn’t in want of a wife, though he knows at some point he is expected to settle down. Being quite shy, Jon isn’t quite sure how to proceed with the ladies of the ton to begin with. Or even with people in general. When they meet, neither one is prepared for what happens. . .
genre:Alternative_Universe  genre:Smutty_McSmut  ship:Jon/Sansa  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  genre:Romance_Arc  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  ♛_✼:au_plain_vanilla 
august 2016 by persassy
The Queenmaker - l_cloudy - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein the firstborn of Tywin’s twins is a boy, and the bastard Ned Stark brings home is a girl with purple eyes. Fourteen years later, Caesar Lannister is a man so enthralled with power he’d do anything to become king – including putting Rhaegar’s daughter on the throne, and sit at her side. Cersei/Jon, genderbent; assumes R+L. ON HIATUS.
❂:land_that_sorrow_built  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ship:Rare_Pairings  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  fanfiction_reading:adjourned  ♛_✷:in_‘verse_enjoyable  type:fanfiction  fandom_tag:all_the_lives_Jon_and_Sansa_could_have_lived 
august 2016 by persassy
Enlivened by the Future Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Hermione and Draco have graduated Hogwarts and are ready to step out into the real world, together. Juggling their separate careers, their joint business ventures and their personal lives will be exciting and fun. But with a few bumps in the road along the way, will they maintain the Happily ever After they thought they were getting? Sequel to Tainted by the Past.
type:fanfiction  ♤:spellbound  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  core_competencies:spirited_young_lady  ♤_✼:good(ish)  fandom_tag:the_lifetimes_of_Draco_and_Hermione  ship:Draco/Hermione  genre:Romance_Arc  genre:Different_Resolution  fandom:harry_potter 
august 2016 by persassy
The Last Prince - wethecommon - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Rhaegar Targaryen survives after thought slain by Robert. He recovers and returns in time to defeat the Lannister army in the sack of King's Landing, but not soon enough. They have all perished. His wife, his father, his mother, his two children, all lost to him. All he has left is the little babe swaddled in blankets with curls as dark as the night.
type:fanfiction  fanfiction:crescent_fresh  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  ♛_✷:in_‘verse_enjoyable  genre:For_Want_of_a_Nail  fandom_tag:all_the_lives_Jon_and_Sansa_could_have_lived  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update 
august 2016 by persassy

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