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A Journey Into The Dark Heart Of Celebrity Relationship Conspiracy Theories
"Building up a version of a person you don’t know as a role model or hero is both completely understandable and very precarious. This is especially true when you’re tying them to an intimate part of your identity, like sexual orientation. It can be hopeful to believe that a celebrity — a seemingly mythic, larger-than-life creature — can understand your most vulnerable self. But that willingness to be tender can also cause deep, lasting wounds if the celebrity doesn’t comply with your version of the story. And conspiracy theorists are very, very attached to their version of the story."
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‘Star Wars’ Fandom Has Turned to the Dark Side Since ‘The Last Jedi’ | Observer
“These fans are lashing out in a way that is protective of straight white men,” Robinson observed.

While countless fans have cultivated well-founded and articulate criticisms of the new films, it is these rabble-rousers who harp on a franchise’s diversity that seem to dominate the conversation with the loudest voices.
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