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Tallulah Willis Shaved Head After Watching Demi Moore's G.I. Jane
Most definitely like mother, like daughter. Tallulah Willis revealed in Nylon's May 2015 issue that her recent head-shaving experience was, in fact, influenced by her mom Demi Moore's famous scene in G.I. Jane.
"I thought, if I could feel beautiful with no hair, then I will literally feel good in any situation," the 20 year old reflected. "I actually watched G.I. Jane two days before I shaved my head. I don’t think I was 100 percent inspired by it, but I think it may have manifested the idea in my mind."
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6 hours ago by rgl7194
Damning court docs show just how far Sacklers went to push OxyContin | Ars Technica
Secretive, wealthy Sackler family is at the heart of the opioid crisis, lawsuit alleges.
With the opioid epidemic raging, you may at this point be familiar with Purdue Pharma. It makes the powerful painkiller OxyContin and has been widely blamed for igniting the current crisis.
After debuting OxyContin in 1996, Purdue raked in billions using aggressive and deceptive sales tactics, including ratcheting up dosages of the addictive opioid while lying about its addictiveness. As OxyContin prescriptions soared, opioid overdose deaths increased six-fold in the US, killing more than 400,000 people between 1999 and 2017. Of those deaths, around 200,000 involved prescription opioids specifically.
In 2007, Purdue and three of its executives pleaded guilty in federal court to misleading doctors, regulators, and patients about the addictiveness of OxyContin. The company has seen a flurry of lawsuits making similar allegations since then.
What you may be less aware of is the wealthy, philanthropic family behind Purdue: the Sacklers. Before the opioid epidemic, the family name was mostly associated with museums and prestigious universities, including art galleries at the Smithsonian Institution and Harvard. The Sacklers have worked to keep their good name and mostly stay out of the spotlight. But new, explosive court filings in a case brought by the state of Massachusetts stand to further thwart the family’s efforts.
Documents released this week (PDF) allege—and include new, rather damning evidence—that members of the Sackler family not only knew about the illegal and loathsome activities at Purdue, but they personally directed them. Members of the Sackler family, particularly Richard Sackler, aggressively pushed for extreme sales figures—and profits—which they accomplished in part by bullying their sales representatives; targeting vulnerable patients, such as the elderly and veterans; suggesting that the addictive opioid was an alternative to safe medications like Tylenol; and encouraging doctors to write longer and higher dose prescriptions, according to the lawsuit. All the while, the family allegedly dismissed evidence of OxyContin’s addictiveness and blamed patients for their addictions—referring to them as “reckless criminals.”
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01.30.2018 Mini Mites Intermission - YouTube
FB-Towne's intermission shootout at the Dallas Stars game January 30, 2018. Nathaniel in goal!
hockey  family 
10 hours ago by retrophisch
YouTube -- Rebel Media: LEAKED: Google Staffers Condemn “Family” as “Homophobic” Word | Amanda Head
'This has been a long time coming: For years now, jurisdictions around the world have been phasing out words like “mother” and “father” from government documents like birth certificates, in the name of being “progressive.”'
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23 hours ago by adamcrowe
Three families tell us why they ditched CPS | Feature | Chicago Reader
3 families committed to stay in the city end up fleeing to the suburbs to escape Chicago Public Schools
education  school  Rogerspark  19jam  charter  q3  2013  public  chicago  family  story  city  diversity  quality 
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Mindful Littles
Orinda/Contra Costa kids volunteering program
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12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey’s Çanakkale Region
I recently had the opportunity to visit Troy and Gallipoli on a tour of Turkey’s Çanakkale province (pronounced “Chan-uh-ka-lay”). I knew there’d be a lot to learn from these famous sites, but I did not expect Çanakkale to be such a wonderful off-the-beaten-path vacation destination. Çanakkale is a dream destination for anyone interested in history, but even if you’re not the world’s biggest history buff, you still can’t go wrong with a trip to Çanakkale. Here’s 12 reasons why.
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August - Press Office - Newcastle University
It is well-documented that more males die in childhood and before they are old enough to have children. So in the same way that the gene may cause more boys to be born after wars, it may also cause more boys to be born each year.
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Once Considered Outlandish, the Idea That Plants Help Their Relatives is Taking Root - Slashdot
A Canadian biologist planted the seed of the idea more than a decade ago, but many plant biologists regarded it as heretical -- plants lack the nervous systems that enable animals to recognize kin, so how can they know their relatives? But with a series of recent findings, the notion that plants really do care for their most genetically close peers -- in a quiet, plant-y way -- is taking root. . Some species constrain how far their roots spread, others change how many flowers they produce, and a few tilt or shift their leaves to minimize shading of neighboring plants, favoring related individuals.

"We need to recognize that plants not only sense whether it's light or dark or if they've been touched, but also whom they are interacting with," says Susan Dudley, a plant evolutionary ecologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, whose early plant kin recognition studies sparked the interest of many scientists. Beyond broadening views of plant behavior, the new work may have a practical side. In September 2018, a team in China reported that rice planted with kin grows better, a finding that suggested family ties can be exploited to improve crop yields. "It seems anytime anyone looks for it, they find a kin effect," says Andre Kessler, a chemical ecologist at Cornell University.
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3 Essential Forms of Insurance to Consider for Your Growing Family in 2019
As your family grows in 2019, insurance quickly becomes a crucial aspect of providing financial stability for everyone in your home.
insurance  family  finance 
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Years of sorrow haven't taken everything from Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Nickell Robey-Coleman’s personality is infectious.
In the Los Angeles Rams' locker room, he’s among the most welcoming of faces. A stereo sits inside his locker, and many days he turns it up to provide a soundtrack for the room.
Robey-Coleman’s teammates describe him as their scrappiest player. He’s not only their 5-foot-8, 180-pound nickelback, he’s their hype man. Per usual, the defensive backs will look to him to provide inspirational words before they take the field against the New Orleans Saints in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.
“He gets us up,” safety John Johnson III said. “He gets that fire in us.”
That’s what makes it so difficult to fathom. Underneath his exuberant and upbeat personality, the 27-year-old has already experienced some of life’s deepest sorrows.
“It’s a beautiful storm that you can’t really describe,” Robey-Coleman said. “It’s ugly, but it is great. It hurts, but it feels good.”
Eight years ago, he held his mother in his arms moments after she had passed away. And two months ago, in the middle of the season, his newborn son died before he ever had a chance to hold him.
Football has provided a path away from the pain.
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