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When the Pro-Trump, One America News guy gets to ask four straight questions over 10 minutes.
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RT : A-Z of Euromyths 1992 to 2017 - from fake press - - Circus performers required to…
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Circus performers must wear hard hats - European Commission
RT : A-Z of Euromyths 1992 to 2017 - from fake press - - Circus performers required to…
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yesterday by sabatini
List of fake news websites - Wikipedia
What do nearly all Filipino sites listed have in common?

Support for the Marcos-Duterte Regime. :)...
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2 days ago by rukku
Altright Autonomous Monsters
Overheard on the radio: What we need to ask is why are so many people desperate to believe in conspiracies and fake news?
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2 days ago by craniac
Agency and Autonomous Monsters in the Age of Fake News

This poster session will analyze the uses and abuses of digital rhetorics by the "alt-right," and explore the question of whether we are preparing our students for a treacherous and unstable reality, or providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

This poster session will explore one of the deep and abiding fears of teachers of rhetoric: that our methodologies, datasets, theories and instruction may be put to use in the service of powerful institutions and organizations that may not share our most deeply-held values. As a discipline, we both crave and fear the validation that the use and abuse of our rhetorical products entails. Hart-Davidson and Ridolfo, in their intriguing #rhetops project (RSA 2016) describe the abuses of rhetoric in asymmetrical conflicts, citing as examples the outsourcing of social media propaganda by Daesh (ISIL/ISIS), the rise of fake news bots and their influence on U.S. politics, the looming threat of autonomous writing technologies, and the fragmentation of authorship. I will trace some of the historical antecedents of these legitimate anxieties, and add to the list another potential threat, that of the misappropriation of digital, rhetorical tools and theories by what has come to be known collectively as the “alt-right.” The line between a tool and a weapon is often tentatively determined by ideology. This poster session will analyze that line and the ethics and problems associated with arming or empowering our students with powerful digital tools.
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2 days ago by craniac
Dead Reckoning || Data & Society
Excellent overview of what "fake news" is and why combating it is complex and difficult.
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3 days ago by dsalo
Dead Reckoning || Data & Society
RT : New report “Dead Reckoning” analyzes solutions to & suggests 4 strategies of intervention
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