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How did the internet become a tangled web of misinformation?
How did the internet become a tangled web of misinformation? Miles speaks to danah boyd, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, founder of Data & Society, and Visiting Professor at New York University. boyd offers insight into the history of misinformation on the internet and the role of social media plays in the proliferation of fake news. It’s an interview we did for our upcoming series on “junk news” for the PBS NewsHour.

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‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America - The Washington Post
Eli Saslow:
<p>The only light in the house came from the glow of three computer monitors, and Christopher Blair, 46, sat down at a keyboard and started to type. His wife had left for work and his children were on their way to school, but waiting online was his other community, an unreality where nothing was exactly as it seemed. He logged onto his website and began to invent his first news story of the day.

“BREAKING,” he wrote, pecking out each letter with his index fingers as he considered the possibilities. Maybe he would announce that Hillary Clinton had died during a secret overseas mission to smuggle more refugees into America. Maybe he would award President Trump the Nobel Peace Prize for his courage in denying climate change.

A new message popped onto Blair’s screen from a friend who helped with his website. “What viral insanity should we spread this morning?” the friend asked.

“The more extreme we become, the more people believe it,” Blair replied.

He had launched his new website on Facebook during the 2016 presidential campaign as a practical joke among friends — a political satire site started by Blair and a few other liberal bloggers who wanted to make fun of what they considered to be extremist ideas spreading throughout the far right. In the last two years on his page, America’s Last Line of Defense, Blair had made up stories about California instituting sharia, former president Bill Clinton becoming a serial killer, undocumented immigrants defacing Mount Rushmore, and former president Barack Obama dodging the Vietnam draft when he was 9. “Share if you’re outraged!” his posts often read, and thousands of people on Facebook had clicked “like” and then “share,” most of whom did not recognize his posts as satire. Instead, Blair’s page had become one of the most popular on Facebook among Trump-supporting conservatives over 55.</p>

Blair is himself astonished by peoples' credulousness. He's a Democrat, and earning thousands per month from it.

And then Saslow finds someone who does believe it. And then it all rolls around.
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The Story of Threatin, a Most Puzzling Hoax Even for 2018 - The New York Times
“I think he’s just a rich kid who bought himself a tour so he could return to America with evidence of a U.K. tour, cleverly documented to not show the lack of audience, in a bid to get music industry interest at home in America,” Ms. Lovelace said.

“Some people think this is some kind of genius level art project or social experiment. Some people think his mum booked the tour, and jokes have been cracked that maybe his parents are tied up in a basement in L.A. while he’s swanned off with their credit card,” she said. “I still can’t decide if it’s genius or insanity — but it’s probably a bit of both.”
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‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America - The Washington Post
What Blair had first conceived of as an elaborate joke was beginning to reveal something darker. “No matter how racist, how bigoted, how offensive, how obviously fake we get, people keep coming back,” Blair once wrote, on his own personal Facebook page. “Where is the edge? Is there ever a point where people realize they’re being fed garbage and decide to return to reality?”
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Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp - BBC News
"Please everyone be alert because a plague of child kidnappers has entered the country," said the message that pinged from phone to phone.

"It appears that these criminals are involved in organ trafficking... In the past few days, children aged four, eight and 14 have disappeared and some of these kids have been found dead with signs that their organs were removed. Their abdomens had been cut open and were empty."
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The explosion of left the leadership of struggling to cope:

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Faceb…
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The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission warns on 's work to spread to dis…
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Great working on unit this week w/ who brought me a copy of her awesome new book on the…
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New ties to at Facebook. They blamed George Soros for their problems: Facebook hired firm with 'in-house…
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RT : social media tax, deep , and blocking access to apps. highlights different ways digital oppressio…
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