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News Lit Quiz • News Literacy Project
<p>Which is Legit?

Test your ability to recognize and distinguish “fake news” sites from those of legitimate, standards-based news organizations.</p>

10 pairs of fake and real sources; a turn-based quiz. Dive in. As much as anything, reveals how important it is to be able to parse a URL.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
fic_promptly | Monday, May 7th, 2018 - Flowers
FAKE, Carol, A prssed rose from her wedding bouquet.
2018/05  Fake  Lonely 
yesterday by fic_promptly
The shocking truth of Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments | New Scientist
Milgram dismayed the world when he revealed how little it took to turn everyday people into torturers – but we were misled
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5 days ago by soobrosa
Facebook closed 583m fake accounts in first three months of 2018 | Technology | The Guardian
Alex Hern and Olivia Solon:
<p>Facebook said the overwhelming majority of moderation action was against spam posts and fake accounts: it took action on 837m pieces of spam, and shut down a further 583m fake accounts on the site in the three months. But Facebook also moderated 2.5m pieces of hate speech, 1.9m pieces of terrorist propaganda, 3.4m pieces of graphic violence and 21m pieces of content featuring adult nudity and sexual activity.

“This is the start of the journey and not the end of the journey and we’re trying to be as open as we can,” said Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice-president of public policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The amount of content moderated by Facebook is influenced by both the company’s ability to find and act on infringing material, and the sheer quantity of items posted by users. For instance, Alex Schultz, the company’s vice-president of data analytics, said the amount of content moderated for graphic violence almost tripled quarter-on-quarter…

…Facebook also managed to increase the amount of content taken down with new AI-based tools which it used to find and moderate content without needing individual users to flag it as suspicious. Those tools worked particularly well for content such as fake accounts and spam: the company said it managed to use the tools to find 98.5% of the fake accounts it shut down, and “nearly 100%” of the spam.

Automatic flagging worked well for finding instances of nudity, since, Schultz said, it was easy for image recognition technology to know what to look for. Harder, because of the need to take contextual clues into account, was moderation for hate speech. In that category, Facebook said, “we found and flagged around 38% of the content we subsequently took action on, before users reported it to us”.</p>

That's pretty good work by the AI, though of course we don't know how many fake accounts it missed.
facebook  fake  spam 
8 days ago by charlesarthur
TIDAL accused of deliberately faking Kanye West and Beyoncé streaming numbers • Music Business Worldwide
Tim Ingham:
<p>In March 2016, the firm claimed that Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, a six-week exclusive on its platform, had been streamed 250m times in just 10 days. At the same time, TIDAL claimed that its platform had surpassed 3m subscribers.

These numbers meant that, on average, every single TIDAL subscriber would have had to be playing the Kanye album over eight times a day.

Similar suspicions were triggered by the success of Beyonce’s record-breaking Lemonade a couple of months later.

TIDAL claimed that Lemonade was streamed 306m times on its platform in its first 15 days post-release. Stats like this led Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv to investigate in January 2017 – and uncover documents which, it said, suggested that TIDAL had been deliberately inflating its subscriber figures.

This report was lend credence by data from trusted music industry research firm Midia in the same month, which estimated that TIDAL’s subscriber base actually only included 1m people worldwide.

Now, DN has run an update – following more than a year of journalistic digging. And it’s an absolute jaw-dropper.

Its central accusation: ‘Beyoncé’s and Kanye West’s listener numbers on TIDAL have been manipulated to the tune of several hundred million false plays… which has generated massive royalty payouts at the expense of other artists.’

The newspaper’s investigation was ignited by its receipt of an illicit hard drive, which it says ‘contains ‘billions of rows of [internal TIDAL data]: times and song titles, user IDs and country codes’.

The veracity of the data on this hard drive has been strongly challenged by TIDAL, but according to DN, the numbers match exactly with information received by record labels during the dates in question.</p>

Oh my. Lemonade is amazing, but you need subscribers too.
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14 days ago by charlesarthur

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