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Welcome To The Dystopia: People Are Arguing Whether This Trump Press Conference Video Is Doctored Or Not
To sum it up: A historically unreliable narrator who works for a conspiracy website tweets out a video in order to show alleged bad behavior on the part of a journalist. The clip goes viral. The White House picks up and disseminates that video and uses it as proof to ban the journalist from reporting at the White House. Outraged journalists decry the White House's use of a video taken from a historically unreliable narrator. Then, users attempt to debunk the video as "actual fake news." Others, unclear if the video is fake, urge caution, suggesting the media may be jumping the gun. An argument breaks out over the intricate technical details of doctoring a clip.

The entire ordeal is a near perfect example of a scenario disinformation experts have predicted and warned of, where the very threat of video manipulation can lead to a blurring of reality. "These technological underpinnings [of AI and photoshop, and editing programs lead] to the increasing erosion of trust,” computational propaganda researcher Renee DiResta told BuzzFeed News in early 2018. “It makes it possible to cast aspersions on whether videos — or advocacy for that matter — are real.”
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5 days ago by jm
TinEye Reverse Image Search
TinEye is an image search and recognition company. We are experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning. Our mission is to make your images searchable.
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12 days ago by thot
#fakenews - Un finto Justin Bieber ci spiega le Fake News
...in un esperimento sociale realizzato in modo impeccabile, un finto Justin Bieber (un sosia) viene arruolato per creare una finta notizia che fa il giro del mondo
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14 days ago by mgpf
Le radici dell’attacco alla sinagoga a Pittsburgh sono in Rete?
Alla base dell'attacco un social network particolare: GAB. Di cosa si tratta? Lo scopriamo in un bell'editoriale di Gaia Rizzato
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14 days ago by mgpf
Perché i Social Media sono "amici" della destra nel mondo?
...se lo chiede un editoriale di The Verge che asamina l'interazione tra popiulismo e Social
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14 days ago by mgpf
Disinformazione in Europa? Qui il sito!
...la sezione News di Eu vs Disinfo è un punto di partenza molto interessante per esaminare la situazione Fake News in Europa
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15 days ago by mgpf
DeepFakes? Ora si possono trovare...
...o per lo meno così sostengono alcune ricerche pubblicate recentemente che minano a scovare i "video contraffatti" che minano la verità e alimentano le fake-news
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17 days ago by mgpf
Dentro alla "war room" di Facebook contro la Propaganda
...un lungo articolo di Engadget che mostra la "sala di comando" di cui Facebook si è dotata per controllore e combattere la propaganda politica (spesso automatica) sulla piattaforma
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23 days ago by mgpf
A neuroscientist explains why evangelicals are wired to believe Trump's lies
One reason Trump supporters believe his lies comes from a basic fact about the brain: it takes more mental effort to reject an idea as false than to accept it as true. In other words, it’s easier to believe than to not.

This fact is based on a landmark study published in the journal PLOS ONE in 2009, which asked the simple question, how is the brain activated differently during a state of belief compared to a state of disbelief? To test this, participants were asked whether or not they believed in a series of statements while their brain activity was being imaged by an fMRI scanner. Some sentences were simple and fact-based (California is larger than Rhode Island), while others were more abstract and subjective (God probably does not exist). The results showed the activation of distinct but often overlapping brain areas in the belief and disbelief conditions. While these imaging results are complicated to interpret, the electrical patterns also showed something that was fairly straightforward. Overall, there was greater brain activation that persisted for longer during states of disbelief. Greater brain activation requires more cognitive resources, of which there is a limited supply. What these findings show is that the mental process of believing is simply less work for the brain, and therefore often favored. The default state of the human brain is to accept what we are told, because doubt takes effort. Belief, on the other hand, comes easily.

This troubling finding makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. If children questioned every single fact they were being taught, learning would occur at a rate so slow that it would be a hindrance. But this fact could be just as easily applied to both the political left and right. So how does it explain why conservatives, specifically evangelicals, are so easily duped by Donald Trump?

For Christian fundamentalists, being taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age. It is the combination of the brain’s vulnerability to believing unsupported facts and aggressive indoctrination that create the perfect storm for gullibility. Due to the brain’s neuroplasticity, or ability to be sculpted by lived experiences, evangelicals literally become hardwired to believe far-fetched statements.

This wiring begins when they are first taught to accept Biblical stories not as metaphors for living life practically and purposefully, but as objective truth. Mystical explanations for natural events train young minds to not demand evidence for beliefs. As a result, the neural pathways that promote healthy skepticism and rational thought are not properly developed. This inevitably leads to a greater susceptibility to lying and gaslighting by manipulative politicians, and greater suggestibility in general.
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4 weeks ago by thegrandnarrative
Twitter spiega un po' la disumanizzazione
Twitter inizia a spiegare il concetto, labile, di Disumanizzazione presente nelle loro policy
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6 weeks ago by mgpf

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