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Design Matters Podcast: The Art of Gathering
Priya Parker discusses the art of gatherings—and how we can truly take the events that punctuate our lives to the next level.
Podcast  events  facilitation  PriyaParker 
14 days ago by mayshek
YearCompass - The booklet that helps you make your life better.
Process design for reclecting on the past year and setting goals for the coming year.
florian  new  k9  reflection  tips  facilitation  process  proactive  planning  year 
17 days ago by roggedoggelito
Collaborative Design + Innovation
Bill Lennertz - National Charrette Institute
facilitation  portland 
5 weeks ago by zryb
Turning a fishbowl into an aquarium — Facilitating a fishbowl across three sites with 140 people
"Turning a fishbowl into an aquarium — Facilitating a fishbowl across three sites with 140 people" by @sebseb
remote  fishbowl  facilitation 
6 weeks ago by adrianh
ProjectManagement.com - Mixing Up Group Planning Sessions
Do you have alphas, extroverts or senior managers who tend to dominate planning sessions? Try this simple group rotation technique to allow others to make a greater contribution.
facilitation  teamwork  meetings 
6 weeks ago by enslrhs82

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