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Franklin Foer wants journalism to liberate itself from Facebook » Nieman Journalism Lab
The problem is that if Facebook were to acknowledge its ability to gate keep in that sort of way, it would piss a lot of people off, and it would actually highlight the extent of their power. The more that Facebook inserts itself into the middle of controversy, the more it stirs up enemies, the greater the likelihood of there being a movement to regulate Facebook.

I think Facebook is, to an extent, stuck.
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Eurointelligence - Public
Shock news that couldn't shock anyone at this point in the escalation of the Catalan crisis: a Spanish judge has jailed on sedition charges, pre-emptively and without bail, the heads of the two major Catalan separatist grass-roots organisations: Jordi Sánchez of the Catalan National Assembly ANC, via Pocket
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yesterday by Werderbach
Join Us for a Special Chapel Service on Friday
Parents: Join us for a special chapel service of praise and worship featuring the Hancock Family Band. Headmaster Steve Hancock (bass guitar) and band teacher Stephanie Hancock (percussion) will be joined by their two children, Emily (ukelele) and Clay (violin). Harrison Finks '14 will accompany them on piano. Stop in after dropping off your sons on Friday morning from 8:10-8:30am. See you in the sanctuary!
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Are You An Asshole?
Are You An Asshole?:Let's be honest I'm only a Facebook a-hole because I argue with @aaronarnwine all the time
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Sam Tsai - 錯一個字就停下來,看能撐多久。➼...
錯一個字就停下來,看能撐多久。 ➼ 網站(Keybr):https://buff.ly/2ywQY6D ➼ 錄影(Droplr):https://buff.ly/2yx2A9R ➼ 鍵盤:FILCO Tenkeyless 黑軸 #錯字即停
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Reverse Brexit with second referendum to save your economy, OECD tells UK | The Independent
Economic experts have made an explosive suggestion of a further referendum to reverse Brexit, to avoid the crippling of the British economy. via Pocket
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302 Moved Temporarily
Puerto Rico From the Space Station
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Astronomers strike gold, witness massive cosmic collision | Fox News
<<Forbes estimated that the collision created an estimated $10 octillion in gold, which is $10 billion, billion, billion. The crash happened 130 million years ago, while dinosaurs still roamed on Earth, but the signal didn't arrive on Earth until Aug. 17 after traveling 130 million light-years. A light-year is 5.88 trillion miles. "We already knew that iron came from a stellar explosion, the calcium in your bones came from stars and now we know the gold in your wedding ring came from merging neutron stars,"... ... a fierce burst of gamma rays and a gravitational wave, a faint ripple in the fabric of space and time, first theorized by Albert Einstein. "We so far have been unable to prove Einstein wrong," said Georgia Tech physics professor Laura Cadonati. "But we're going to keep trying.">>
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yesterday by jikatu
Web Typography: Numerals · An A List Apart Article
♛ Old-style” numerals and other delights. “Web Typography: Numerals” by Richard Rutter in today’s A List Apart, for people who make websites.
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