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6 Questions From The New York Times' Facebook Bombshell | WIRED
Facebook has a lot of explaining to do: For starters, there's Sheryl Sandberg’s next steps and the accusations about George Soros.
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november 2018 by po
Professional Facebook Cover Videos and Facebook Cover Designs with FBCovers
FB Cover photos are one of the first thing people will see once they have landed on your page and so it is important to create the best first impression and convey exactly what you are aiming for from the cover photo. Creating a custom FB cover page representing the brand and your business will help in attracting the customers and bring them to your page thus increasing your brand awareness. In addition to it, a cover photo designed to drive sales with a CTA Page button on it can get more results without much hassle.
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october 2017 by ArjunDoto
beringei/beringei at master · facebookincubator/beringei
beringei - Beringei is a high performance, in-memory storage engine for time series data.
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january 2017 by clehene

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