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Addons.mozilla.org: Behind The Overlay
One click to close any overlay popup on any website.
extensions  firefox 
yesterday by mikael
Daring Fireball: StopTheMadness
“StopTheMadness is a Safari extension for Mac that stops web sites from making Safari harder to use. Some web sites disable Mac user interface features in Safari that you normally expect to work. For example:

“password autocomplete
“⌘-click to open a link in a new tab
“⌘-key keyboard shortcuts
“selecting, copying, cutting, and pasting of text
“drag and drop
“opening contextual menus

“StopTheMadness ensures that those features continue to work in Safari. With StopTheMadness enabled, the annoying web sites that deliberately make your life harder suddenly become easy to use again!”
safari  extensions  2018  via:daringfireball 
3 days ago by handcoding
User Approved Kernel Extension Loading… – Pike's Universum
Apple is trying to improve security on the Mac, and starting with macOS High Sierra, kernel extensions that are installed with or after the installation of macOS High Sierra, will require user consent in order to load signed kernel extensions. This new feature should also make us more aware about the kernel extensions that we…
kernel  osx  extensions 
10 days ago by corcuman
Addons.mozilla.org: OneTab
OneTab - Too many tabs? Convert tabs to a list and reduce browser memory.
extensions  tabs  firefox 
11 days ago by mikael

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