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Tab Ninja: better Chrome tab controls - gHacks Tech News
Tab Ninja is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that gives you better options when it comes to controlling tabs in the browser.
chrome  extensions  tabs 
3 days ago by kger
Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts.
chrome  notebook  note  tab  extensions 
4 days ago by awhite
Extension Boilerplate - Build Cross Browser Extensions
A foundation for building cross browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Opera from a single code base.
extensions  boilerplate 
5 days ago by linuslundahl
The Big List Of Trello Chrome Extensions
Choices abound with Trello Chrome extensions to help you customize and prioritize all kinds of features on your boards, lists, and cards. See what's new...
chrome  extensions  trello 
6 days ago by kger

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