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Whether it's pictures, reviews, bookmarks or posts, you should get to control the stuff you make. Some sites make it easy for you to download your contributions, and others don't.

Now, with a single click, you can get a copy of your stuff from supported websites! And if you want, make it available in the public domain so it can be used and built upon by the global free culture movement.
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yesterday by xr
Goodman Lantern provides customers with access to a scalable workforce with
a team of expert content writers, market researchers, data analysts and
digital innovators
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3 days ago by keithbaumwald
"Character counter for helping to optimize line length (measure) between 45 and 75 characters.

"Helps designers and developers ensure that text line lengths (measure) meet their standards."
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4 days ago by handcoding
The Risks of DNS Hijacking Are Serious and You Should Take Countermeasures
"Enabling HTTPS for all web apps and services hosted on a domain name should be a top priority. This will protect users from man-in-the-middle attacks in general and has many other benefits, like the ability to turn on HTTP/2 and gain a significant performance boost. However, to mitigate the effects of DNS hijacking, HTTPS needs to be combined with a security mechanism called HSTS."
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8 days ago by jonerp
Re: when can I find template1 in pgadmin II?
How to install extensions on template1 schema so they are accessible to all new databases
postgres  bugs  extensions  howto 
8 days ago by tclancy

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