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WhatRuns - Discover What Runs a Website
Extension that helps you identify technologies used on any website at the click of a button.
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yesterday by ronnieliew
Story Speaker by Mike Lacher & Nicole He - Voice Experiments
Story Speaker lets anyone create talking, interactive stories with no coding required. Just write your story in a Google Doc, push a button, and every Google Home device linked to your account can play it, instantly.
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yesterday by eugenexxv
Read research papers for free.

Click the green tab and skip the paywall on millions of peer-reviewed journal articles. It's fast, free, and legal.
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10 days ago by xr
Screen Shader - F.lux for Chrome - Chrome Web Store
[See also: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/glux/hinolicfmhnjadpggledmhnffommefaf?hl=en-US ]

"Shades Chrome to a soothing orange color to decrease eye-strain, eye fatigue and to appease your brain's day/night cycle.
Do your eyes a favor! Install Screen Shader!

Screen Shader is a chrome extension for anyone that automagically changes the color of your screen to match up with daylight cycles in your timezone. Computer displays produce white and blue light which can irritate your eyes and interfere with your sleeping cycle. Screen Shader is designed to tint the screen a “cozy” orange color to reduce eye-strain, eye fatigue, and restore day/night balance, while also providing a wide variety of settings for everyone's different tastes!

Q: Why do i need this? Can’t i simply change the luminosity of my screen?
A: Changing the luminosity does not remove white and blue light from your display. Those colors are still unnatural and will irritate your eyes, even if dimmed. A full day in front of your computer screen can wreak havoc upon your melatonin cycle and internal clock. The unnatural light can also harm your eye retina. Screen Shader is designed to considerably reduce these effects by eliminating enough white and blue light to provide you with the best browsing experience and eye comfort.

✓Screen Shader includes a huge array of settings including:
➤ Custom day and night shade
➤ Custom transition phase
➤ Custom colors
➤ Custom screen darkening
➤ Full screen mode
➤ Shaded scrollbar
➤ Increased contrast, darkening, and hardlight modes.
➤ A cool color-changing icon
➤ Custom shades for specific urls

✓Screen Shader includes these keyboard shortcuts:
➤ CTRL SHIFT UP to increase shade
➤ CTRL SHIFT DOWN to decrease shade
➤ CTRL SHIFT s to turn off the shade
➤ And many more! Edit them in the menu.

✓Screen Shader does not require any page reloads. It works instantly on all your tabs!

✓Screen Shader also shades just about anything fullscreen(not flash and java applications though)!

✓Screen Shader is continually tested on windows, mac, and chrome OS, and is constantly being bugfixed and updated with input from its users. Send me an email, or comment here. I'll usually reply in a day or two :)

Q: Why not G.lux?
A: Because G.lux has none of the many features mentioned above!

Q: But I already have F.lux.
A: Well, Screen Shader provides quite a few more options and keyboard shortcuts. Try using both and forget about tired eyes! It sure works well for me ;)

Q: Help! It doesn't work with fullscreen flash games, hulu, etc.
A: Flash and java objects are pesky. When they go fullscreen they ignore all css/html applied to the page. So here is what you can do:

Use the Hulu Easy Pop Out extension and right click on a thumbnail to open a fullscreen Hulu player with shade.

For other sites you can use an extension like MediaPlus to make the video or game fit the size of your screen without going into fullscreen and losing its shade.

Update log:
Fixes for pages using buggy backdrops and backgrounds.
Big speed optimization for bug fixing subsystem.
Fixed bug with 10px bar at the top of the screen
Screen Shader now force-loads itself on every tab when it loads up, so every tab is shaded :)
Screen Shader now can safely work in incognito mode (if you enable it to do so on chrome://extensions)
The party easter egg was unfortunately removed because too many people were running into it accidentally
Fixed issues on xml documents
Fixed issues with lastpass extension
Fixed scrollbar issues in upcoming chrome versions
Screen Shader now shades podStation Podcast Player, another great extension you should totally try out!
Fixed incompatibility issues with norton security extensions.
Save Screen Shader's settings to a file and load settings from save file.
Other various bug fixes.

Screen Shader now works on anything fullscreen!
Screen Shader's content scripts have been rewritten to pure js. No more JQuery!
Screen Shader won't mess with your printing anymore.
Shaded scrollbar updated to v5.0
Polished the cross-extension messaging feature. Other extensions can now ask Screen Shader for a shade element!
Screen Shader will now stay off if you turned it off and close the browser.
Bugs with newtab page should now be fixed
Option to disable party mode and scroll shortcut
New keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease darkness
A few bug fixes (of course)

New option to set shade as high as you desire.
No White Flash script implemented
Fixed bugs with the new interface
Added donation page.
Using chrome.commands api, so now you can create your own keyboard shortcuts!
Added a ton of new keyboard shortcuts.
A lot of bugfixing.
All Screen Shader elements are now organized in their own parent

Fixed printing issue for google docs
Added a cool dynamic icon changer
Switched from hex color values and opacity to rgba color values(150% faster!)
Fixed a bug where the screen blinked when using the ctrl alt + shortcut
Compressed unnecessarily large images. -1.4 MB size!
Completely new and improved UI, thanks Jeeves!
Mix-blend-mode option for chrome. 20% cooler!

Fixed bug where the shader menu did not display correctly
Switched to a more reliable geo-ip service
Completely rewrote the shaded scrollbar, so it is now usable.

Fixed slowness issues on slow computers like chromebooks
Removed a good portion of the unnecessary code used for debugging
Improved the loading speed of the popup by running some scripts after the popup loads
Redid loader for map display
Removed console.logs
Updated sendRequests to sendMessages for next chrome update
Changed the 'Thank you' page to be more visually appealing

Finally! I updated/removed old code, improving performance.
Added ctrl alt scroll shortcut, and now keyboard shortcuts affect all tabs
Added the language option
Fixed a few bugs relating to the custom url option
Wrote a global system that manages the shade on every tab at the same time
When shade is changed, it affects all the tabs at the same time, so you don't see a blink or a flash when you change tabs
Page reload is no longer required on install

Uploaded to web store. yay :D
Added fullscreen mode
Added shaded scrollbar
Added custom urls option
Added a larger color selection interface + a new color picking menu
Added a download page to thank you guys for downloading Screen Shader!

Time article: http://healthland.time.com/2012/09/13/computer-eye-strain-explained-and-how-to-avoid-it/

I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated to Time inc or its partners.
The article was written by Laura Newcomer"
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11 days ago by robertogreco
Someone Made an Ad Blocker But for Cryptocurrency Mining - Motherboard
Using website code to hijack computers in order to mine digital currencies like Bitcoin isn't new, but a popular site like The Pirate Bay springing it on users without telling them first is concerning. It's a fact now that at least one big website had no problem doing this, and there may be others who are surreptitiously experimenting with this nascent revenue model. The Pirate Bay used a tool called Coin Hive to hijack visitors' browsers, and it's not clear how many customers Coin Hive has. But it does indeed have customers. If you're already using an ad blocker to block banners, you sure as hell want to block in-browser cryptocurrency miners.

Thankfully, Scotland-based programmer Rafael Keramidas has got us all covered. On Saturday, he released a very simple Chrome extension called No Coin that blocks cryptocurrency miners on web pages. It works like an ad blocker and lets you disable or enable blacklisted URLs. Right now, that list only blocks Coin Hive products. And yes, you could simply add coin miner URLs to your existing ad blocker yourself, but that's work, and work sucks. You might also be the type of person who doesn't have a problem with ads but doesn't like the idea of a site using your computer to mine.
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12 days ago by Chirael

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