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How to Use apply_filters() and do_action() in WordPress – WPShout
add_filter and add_action hooks into the non-changeable source. do_action and apply_filter are placed in the non-changeable source, giving extension points so that other plugins can extend the original's extensibility.
add_filter  add_action  do_action  apply_filter  wordpress  extensibility  plugins 
6 weeks ago by tulbox
A customizable framework | Andrzej's C++ blog
In this post I want to describe a problem my colleagues have faced a couple of times recently, and show how it can be solved with C++. Here is the goal. We want to provide a function (or a set of overloaded functions) that would 'do the right job' for 'practically any type', or for…
design  interface  software_architecture  library_design  api  c++  customization  overloading  extensibility 
march 2018 by jbkcc
How to Apply a Custom Ribbon to a Form or Report in Access
Here we understand the steps of applying a custom ribbon to a form or report in MS Access.
Custom  Ribbon  MS  Access  Extensibility  XML  USysRibbons  Table  LoadCustomUI  method  fix  mdb 
february 2018 by DataNumen
Microservices: using resources and business services as extensibility strategy | ThoughtWorks
using these patterns, we can create a platform ecosystem that provides to you and your company a fast way to develop and validate new ideas removing friction and avoiding repeated and inconsistency business logic between services.
microservices  extensibility 
december 2017 by pjohnkeane
(300) Serveless extensibility from within - Glenn Block - YouTube
Recorded during Algolia Search party - No servers, no problems - August 2017. Glenn Block - Director of Product at Auth0
auth0  serverless  extensibility  youtube 
august 2017 by pinterb

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