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Node.js & Express Fundamentals by egoing (Part 1 of 4: Intro)
🌲 This is the first part of my summary of egoing’s “Node.js Fundamentals & Facebook Social Login” tutorial. I attended it at the Facebook Innovation Lab in Korea on Oct 10 & 11, 2018. GitHub page…
express  nodejs 
2 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js
passport  passportjs  node  nodejs  express  javascript  authentication  library  programming 
7 days ago by vicchow
Express.js and AWS Lambda — a serverless love story
If you're into serverless, check this one out: Express.js and AWS Lambda — a serverless love story, by @slobodan_
aws  lambda  express  javascript  nov18  serverless  nodejs 
8 days ago by payne
Build full stack web apps with MEVN Stack [Part 1/2]
At CloudFactory, we always strive to go an extra mile. Even though we are a Ruby first company, we like to invest in learning new technologies. While exploring full-stack development framework for a…
webdev  vuejs  javascript  nodejs  express 
18 days ago by moritz
Testing your JavaScript in a browser with Jest, Puppeteer, Express, and Webpack
In a couple of recent projects, I found myself having to test code which could only be run in the browser. There are many ways for one to do so, but I found out the most documentation with…
javascript  nodejs  express 
19 days ago by moritz

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