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Sumnotes - Summarize PDF Annotations
An online PDF annotaton management tool that saves you hours of gruesome work. Have your PDF annotations available for you to download in various formats in matter of seconds.
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yesterday by pgorrindo
Bear-Power-Pack/README.md at master · rovest/Bear-Power-Pack
Contribute to rovest/Bear-Power-Pack development by creating an account on GitHub.
bear  markdown  sync  export  scripts  extensions 
6 days ago by nharbour
rovest/Bear-Markdown-Export: Markdown export from Bear sqlite database
Markdown export from Bear sqlite database. Contribute to rovest/Bear-Markdown-Export development by creating an account on GitHub.
bear  markdown  sync  export 
6 days ago by nharbour
ACF | Local JSON
Local JSON is a new feature added in version 5 which saves field group and field settings as .json files within your theme. The idea is similar to caching, and both dramatically speeds up ACF and allows for version control over your field settings! Getting started To start using the local JSON feature, simply create
web  development  wordpress  plugins  acf  export  import  json  load  files  fields 
8 days ago by rwintle
[ANN] Export custom spreadsheets with FMP2XLS v... | FileMaker Community
Hi Community: I am releasing FMP2XLS - a fully-tested XSLT stylesheet template that will convert the current "found set" of records on any layout into
Excel  FileMaker  XLM  Format  RSC  Export 
27 days ago by TomasMartinez

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