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Ecommerce University | Shopify - using if statements within js.liquid files - Shopify Design
This forum contains a good explanation of why certain liquid template keywords like: {{ template }} do not return what you expect in .js.liquid files. So don't use it to try to detect the template from within the .js.liquid files. Instead, in the theme.liquid template, in the head tag do something like this:

var template = {{ template | json }};

and then use that variable in your JavaScripts that you include externally, like so:

if(template === 'index'){
console.log('homepage loaded');
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6 days ago by racl101
Explaining Disease: Correlations, Causes, and Mechanisms
Why do people get sick? I argue that a disease explanation is best thought of as causal network instantiation, where a causal network describes the interrelations among multiple factors, and...
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14 days ago by przcrbll
Koch’s postulates: An interventionist perspective
We argue that Koch’s postulates are best understood within an interventionist account of causation, in the sense described in Woodward (2003). We show…
work  explanation  interventions 
14 days ago by przcrbll
Stability, breadth and guidance
Much recent work on explanation in the interventionist tradition emphasizes the explanatory value of stablecausal generalizations—i.e., causal generalizations that remain true in a wide range of...
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14 days ago by przcrbll
PHP-FPM: Multiple Resource Pools | Servers for Hackers
Good video explaining how might one set up multiple PHP-FPM resource pool config files and multiple virtual hosts for multiple websites (with Nginx). Although the creator of the video makes a lot of mistakes and it can be confusing at times, he does a good job at explaining the rationale for doing so. If you want to see a written blog post version of this you can refer to:


Works on Ubuntu 16.04
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22 days ago by racl101

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