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Firefox Test Pilot - Email Tabs
Email Tabs lets you create beautiful emails from your open tabs to save them for later or share them. You can use Email Tabs to automatically send along links, screenshots, or even the text from articles.
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5 days ago by aeng
AI Experiments | Experiments with Google
AI Experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.
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14 days ago by gwippich
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Out of Office message generator
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26 days ago by Audiences
What if everything we know about dark matter is totally wrong?
"In April, ADMX delivered its latest results – null results, that is. For Rybka, they are important though, because it shows that the detector actually has the correct sensitivity to find the axion. 'If we end up with a null result after having swept over all the plausible masses, it would become important in a different way: axions are important to explain some phenomena in nuclear physics, so we expect axions to exist,' he says. 'If we don't find axion dark matter, then we're faced with the problem that either we don't understand our nuclear physics, or we don't understand how the early universe works well enough. So a null result would cause our questions to multiply.'"
a:Katie-Moskvitch  p:Wired★★  d:2018.09.28  w:5000  space  science  experiment  from instapaper
28 days ago by bankbryan

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