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Google Cloud Platform - The Good, Bad, and Ugly (It's Mostly Good) - Deps
Google Cloud has created a compelling offering, with a mix of rock-solid infrastructure, plus unique value-added products like Spanner, Pub/Sub, and Global Load Balancing. They’ve been able to learn from what AWS got right and wrong. Their products integrate well together and are simple to understand. The downside to Google’s more deliberate approach is that it can sometimes feel like AWS is not just ahead of GCP, but accelerating away. I’m hopeful that the upcoming Google Cloud Next will bring more parity with AWS’ offerings.

For companies that don’t want to spend a lot of time learning and dealing with the complexities of AWS, I recommend looking at Google Cloud. If I had to start all over again, I would still happily choose Google Cloud."
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july 2018 by earth2marsh
Enjoy a city like a local - unique things to do, private tours & home dinners - Withlocals
Connecting travelers with locals through Food and Experiences. The market place for unique travel experiences with real locals. Join us now!
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july 2018 by tagaligtas
RT : Take time to consider this choice! engage your & increase the value of your off…
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may 2018 by bjp2aol

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