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The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges
Cryptography exercises to learn core concepts
crypto  programming  security  exercises 
9 days ago by eabruzzese
Hong Kong protesters using Bluetooth Bridgefy app - BBC News
Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been turning to a new app to communicate - one that does not use the internet and is therefore harder for the Chinese authorities to trace.

Bridgefy is based on Bluetooth and allows protesters to communicate with each other without internet connection.

Downloads are up almost 4,000% in the past two months, according to measurement firm Apptopia.

Texts, email and messaging app WeChat are all monitored by the Chinese state.

Bridgefy uses a mesh network, which links together users' devices allowing people to chat with others even if they are in a different part of the city, by hopping on other users' phones until the message reaches the intended person.

The range from phone to phone is within 100m (330ft).
texting  exercises 
12 days ago by gwijthoff
The Internet Is a Toxic Hellscape—but We Can Fix It | WIRED
The first step to cleaning up the smog of disinformation? Embrace your anxiety.
techlash  exercises  self-help 
13 days ago by gwijthoff
How fresh is your feed? New from the @gobo_social
researchers: an exploration of Facebook’s "Top Stories" algorithm and how it impacts the amount of new vs "stale" content in individual users' feeds. http://howfreshisyourfeed.social
socialmedia  dh_pedagogy  exercises 
19 days ago by gwijthoff
The Case Against Stretching | Outside Online
Start with an easy jog (or spin or swim or whatever) to raise your body temperature.

Then progress to some dynamic stretching drills that move your muscle through (and a bit beyond) the full range of motion they’ll encounter during the workout. For runners, that might mean high knees, butt kicks, walking lunges, and side skips.

Finish with some short bursts that approach the full intensity of the coming workout, like relaxed 15-second sprints.
health  exercises  howto 
21 days ago by pacpost
A reference learning and community portal for the C language
compsci  reference  documentation  c  LIY  tutorial  exercises 
28 days ago by wlycdgr
Simple Programming Problems
A collection of programming exercises compiled by a CS TA
LIY  exercises  problems  compsci  programming 
28 days ago by wlycdgr
36 Questions that Will Turn Strangers into Friends — Gustavo Razzetti
A powerful empathy exercise for team building. 36 questions that can turn strangers into friends and partners. This empathy exercise drives collaboration and bonding.
empathy  exercises 
4 weeks ago by bigpicbruh

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