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“실무에 바로 쓸 수 있는 진짜 팁” 엑셀 2016 완전 정복 가이드 - ITWorld How To - ITWorld Korea
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‘빠뜨리면 서운한’ 새로운 기능과 보완된 기능 4가지
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2 days ago by ehrok
cls1991/xls2db: Export table data from excel to mysql database, implemented with python.
xls2db - Export table data from excel to mysql database, implemented with python.
excel  python 
2 days ago by spdaly
Unpivot complex and irregular data layouts in R
excel  github  r_lang  r_package  rstats 
3 days ago by danimad
swissmiss | A Microsoft Excel Artist
tina roth eisenberg | swiss designer gone NYC
excel  art  painting 
4 days ago by javierruiz
How to stop Excel from flickering during macros
It’s easy to quickly see the effect this code will have on your macro.  There are 2 lines of code you will need to add.  At the beginning of your code add the line: Application.ScreenUpdating = False That’s it for the first part.  Then at the end of your code add the second line: Application.ScreenUpdating = True And that’s all there is to it.
excel  spreadsheets 
5 days ago by terry

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