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GitHub - tafia/calamine: A pure Rust Excel/OpenDocument SpeadSheets file reader: rust on metal sheets
calamine - A pure Rust Excel/OpenDocument SpeadSheets file reader: rust on metal sheets
rust  excel  spreadsheet 
yesterday by geetarista
The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection
Any cell that starts with an = is treated as a formula.
You can then execute any formula function.
security  excel  google  csv  injection 
3 days ago by drmeme
Excel Workbooks: Three-dimensional workbooks and other number-crunching powers | PCWorld
We'll dive deep into Excel workbooks in this guide, starting with the basics and diving straight into powerful three-dimensional workbooks.
excel  tips  office 
3 days ago by kger
Use Custom Views in Excel to Save Specific Worksheet Layouts
Excel's Custom View setting makes it easy to view specific information on a crowded spreadsheet or to create different layouts for your data.
office  excel  tips 
4 days ago by kger
10 Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Worksheets
If you use Excel, keyboard shortcuts can make or break your productivity. Here are 10 essential ones you should know.
office  excel  tips 
4 days ago by kger

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