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yesterday by dtomoff
free ICS to CSV converter
descargar de google calendar y lo conviertes a csv para manejarlo como bd

convertir  ics  csv  excel  calendario  ficheros  video 
yesterday by pacoalcaide
RGB to HEX in Excel
"Use Microsoft Excel to convert Red-Green-Blue (RGB) values into hexadecimal colour codes and display the relevant colour graphically beside each output."
color  hex  rgb  excel 
3 days ago by trewbot
Quickly convert time to seconds/minutes/hours in Excel
For example we have a time data in Cell A1, such as 11:10:03 AM. Normally we can convert the time to seconds with applying formula =A1*86400 (or convert to minutes with formula =A1*1440, or convert to hours with formula =A1*24)
convert time to seconds, time to minutes
3 days ago by diam0nd

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