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Great selfie ! There’s some serious talent right there!

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2 days ago by dtomoff
Why is Wall Street so obsessed with hitting "The Number" RAD Reads
Khe Hy: The most satisfying part of Microsoft Excel is the F9 key. It ignites (some might say, “refreshes”) any complex financial model; with a single tap, it can tie together tabs, inputs and conditional IF statements to produce a beautiful number. A single cell can indicate if your investment clears its return threshold or if your portfolio can withstand a market crash. That same cell can also tell you if you’ve amassed enough savings to eject out of the corporate rat race and start living the life you’ve long yearned for.
There are many so many elements from our work that bring us tremendous life satisfaction. This gets lost in the bum-rush of Monday morning meetings, mind-numbing PowerPoints and a-hole bosses. But tending to one’s craft, learning new skills, and creative problem solving are key components to leading a rich and fulfilling life. So why on earth would 30 or 40-somethings want to stop pursuing these activities?
… think of yourself as a DJ with all sorts of knobs to adjust the energy and intensity while blending tracks into one beautiful experience. The knobs are your work, your investments, your spending and how you allocate your time. There’s no end to career. Nor is there a start to retirement – just tiny tweaks along the way that respond to the energy of the crowd. Your family, your community, your friends – Your crowd.
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2 days ago by fulab
Help! Hide a picture using vba?
ActiveSheet.Pictures("Picture59_Click").Visible = False
excel  vba 
3 days ago by diam0nd
Run a macro based on text in a cell?
Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range)
Set target = Range("D4")
If target.Value = "Zero" Or target.Value = "None" Then
'Do Stuff
End If
End Sub
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3 days ago by diam0nd
Excel Archival Tool
A VBS script for automatically converting Excel files
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4 days ago by m3gan0
SQLite / Excel
Excel addin/VBA to let you use sqlite from within Excel.
excel  addin  vba  sqlite 
4 days ago by ktr

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