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JavaScript fundamentals before learning React - RWieruch
The following walkthrough is my attempt giving you an almost extensive yet concise list about all the different JavaScript functionalities to complement your React application. If you have any other things which are not in the list, just leave a comment for this article and I will keep it up to date.
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4 days ago by bradendouglass
Emma’s Diary fined £140,000 for selling personal information for political campaigning | ICO
The data broking company, which provides advice on pregnancy and childcare, sold the information to Experian Marketing Services, a branch of the credit reference agency, specifically for use by the Labour Party. Experian then created a database which the party used to profile the new mums in the run up to the 2017 General Election.

The Labour Party was then able to send targeted direct mail to mums living in areas with marginal seats about its intention to protect Sure Start Children’s centres.
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4 days ago by corrickwales

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