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x-callback-url Support – Contrast Help
About x-callback-url The x-callback-url specification is a standardized means of specifying inter-app communication on the iOS platform....
x-callback-url  example  lcp  launchcenterpro  URL  scheme 
9 hours ago by ebouchut
lgtout/android-testing: A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing
A collection of samples demonstrating different frameworks and techniques for automated testing - lgtout/android-testing
android  test  example  project  sample  list 
yesterday by lgtout
NinjaTrappeur/ex-hack: Example-based Haskell Documentation Engine
Example-based Haskell Documentation Engine. Contribute to NinjaTrappeur/ex-hack development by creating an account on GitHub.
gfr-week-links  haskell  documentation  example 
yesterday by floehopper
Installing Xdebug on Homestead 7.0, PHP 7.2 – Unhandled — Code – Medium
Need to do this with Homestead 7.0 Vagrant boxes so that you can configure it with PHPStorm.
medium  blog  tutorial  howto  example  install  xdebug  manually  from  source  compile  guide  reference  homestead  vagrant  box  configure  configuration  php  php7  php7.2 
2 days ago by racl101
PHP_CodeSniffer: Code Beautifier and Fixer, Symfony and PhpStorm
Neat blog tutorial explaining how to set up PHP Code Sniffer Beautifier and Fixer tool (phpcbf) as an external tool in PHPStorm and assign a custom keyboard shortcut.

Then you can run the tool for any PHP project so that it runs the tool via the custom keyboard shortcut.

It works well but the only caveat is that in the code navigator you need to be within the project root directory. You can do this easily by running the Command Key + Up Arrow and then using the arrow keys to navigate to the project root.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  setup  external  tool  php  commandline  phpcbc  code  sniffer  beautifier  fixer  custom  keyboard  shortcut  command  phpstorm  configuration 
2 days ago by racl101

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