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What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence | Aeon Essays
What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence – via @aeonmag
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yesterday by brandizzi
Computer-simulated life forms evolve intelligence - Telegraph
Dr Grabowski says: "In the past, the approach has been to start with high-level intelligence and reproduce that in a computer.
"This is the opposite. We're showing how complex traits like memory can be built from the bottom up, from things that are really very simple."
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yesterday by imaginaryfriend
Visualising the jobs lost to automation
Comment a et pourrait évoluer l'emploi pa rapport à l'automatisation
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3 days ago by fschoubben
Sabrina Carpenter Talks Shawn Mendes Rumors And EVOLution Album! | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Sabrina Carpenter Talks Shawn Mendes Rumors and EVOLution Album! Far more Superstar Information ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Sabrina Carpenter stopped by Clevver to speak about her brand name new album “EVOLution”. She explains her evolution as an artist and performs a activity of “Don’t Want it Back” influenced by her track! For Far more Clevver Check out: […]
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4 days ago by wotek
Anonymous Conservative -- Society Struggling With Mental Illness
'"Close to 10 million Americans suffer from chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or another serious mental illness. Depression alone is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, mental illness, including depression, takes an enormous toll on health outcomes, quality of life, and economic productivity." -- ... If you picture the true K-selection of a prehistoric man, you see a clan of well developed amygdalae, which would not tolerate the neurotic, suicidal stupidity of any modern leftist and their undeveloped amygdalae, let alone a mentally ill idiot. Each day they had to go out together on hunting parties and function as a seamless group, and every so often their lives and fortunes were interwoven during wild battles where only the victorious would survive. -- In those times, Darwin was ruthlessly culling the mentally ill, and culling the rest of society to ostracize and remove them from the group before they got everyone killed. -- I find it interesting to picture such a time, and how flawless the human machine would evolve to be under those circumstances. -- Then I picture today, and realize that for all our technological advancement and increased “compassion,” we are really destroying and wonderful accomplishment of the world and evolution.'
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4 days ago by adamcrowe

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