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Know someone who wants to be -based & -driven in helping us fundraise for evidence-based programs?
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6 days ago by Varna
Want to work on the "science of " -based programs in w/ rockstars like…
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june 2018 by Varna
Randomizing Religion: The Impact of Protestant Evangelism on Economic Outcomes
To test the causal impact of religiosity, we conducted a randomized evaluation of an evangelical Protestant Christian values and theology education program that consisted of 15 weekly half-hour sessions. We analyze outcomes for 6,276 ultra-poor Filipino households six months after the program ended. We find _significant increases in religiosity and income_, no significant changes in total labor supply, assets, consumption, food security, or life satisfaction, and a significant decrease in perceived relative economic status. Exploratory analysis suggests the program may have improved hygienic practices and increased household discord, and that _the income treatment effect may operate through increasing grit_.

Social Cohesion, Religious Beliefs, and the Effect of Protestantism on Suicide: https://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1162/REST_a_00708
In an economic theory of suicide, we model social cohesion of the religious community and religious beliefs about afterlife as two mechanisms by which Protestantism increases suicide propensity. We build a unique micro-regional dataset of 452 Prussian counties in 1816-21 and 1869-71, when religiousness was still pervasive. Exploiting the concentric dispersion of Protestantism around Wittenberg, our instrumental-variable model finds that Protestantism had a substantial positive effect on suicide. Results are corroborated in first-difference models. Tests relating to the two mechanisms based on historical church-attendance data and modern suicide data suggest that the sociological channel plays the more important role.
study  field-study  sociology  wonkish  intervention  religion  theos  branches  evidence-based  christianity  protestant-catholic  asia  developing-world  economics  compensation  money  labor  human-capital  emotion  s-factor  discipline  multi  social-structure  death  individualism-collectivism  n-factor  cohesion  causation  endogenous-exogenous  history  early-modern  europe  germanic  geography  within-group  urban-rural 
february 2018 by nhaliday
Cold open water plunge may provide instant pain relief - BBC News
see nordic traditions, see russian traditions, and see german tradtional "alt" medicine prescribed by Krankenkassen (wechselbaeder, wadenbaeder, cold showrs, sauna, retreats, water fasting) // cold showers - http://casereports.bmj.com/content/2018/bcr-2017-222236 - Postoperative neuropathic pain exacerbated by movement is poorly understood and difficult to treat but a relatively common complication of surgical procedures such as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Here, we describe a case of unexpected, immediate, complete and sustained remission of postoperative intercostal neuralgia after the patient engaged in an open-water swim in markedly cold conditions.
neuroscience  neurology  cold  shower  exposure  mental  health  immune  system  evidence-based  medicine  lymphatic 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
Making government services more efficient: Introducing the 'evidence tool kit' - AEI
These small, behind-the-scenes steps toward better policy execution can make a significant difference.
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january 2018 by capcrime
Digital Screen Time Limits and Young Children's Psychological Well-Being: Evidence From a Population-Based Study - Przybylski - 2017 - Child Development - Wiley Online Library
Data from 19,957 telephone interviews with parents of 2- to 5-year-olds assessed their children's digital screen use and psychological well-being in terms of caregiver attachment, resilience, curiosity, and positive affect in the past month. Evidence did not support implementing limits (< 1 or < 2 hr/day) as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, once variability in child ethnicity, age, gender, household income, and caregiver educational attainment were considered.
study  psychology  cog-psych  developmental  parenting  attention  the-monster  inhibition  exocortex  discipline  internet  evidence-based  null-result  observer-report  time  time-use  intervention  aversion  science-anxiety  confounding  demographics  race  compensation  money  class  education  bootstraps 
december 2017 by nhaliday
RT : So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by kohlmannj
So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by amerberg
So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by Michael.Massing
So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by todbot
So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by dionysia
So some overgrown man is so threatened by and -based reason that he literally just erase…
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december 2017 by AramZS
The Gelman View – spottedtoad
I have read Andrew Gelman’s blog for about five years, and gradually, I’ve decided that among his many blog posts and hundreds of academic articles, he is advancing a philosophy not just of statistics but of quantitative social science in general. Not a statistician myself, here is how I would articulate the Gelman View:

A. Purposes

1. The purpose of social statistics is to describe and understand variation in the world. The world is a complicated place, and we shouldn’t expect things to be simple.
2. The purpose of scientific publication is to allow for communication, dialogue, and critique, not to “certify” a specific finding as absolute truth.
3. The incentive structure of science needs to reward attempts to independently investigate, reproduce, and refute existing claims and observed patterns, not just to advance new hypotheses or support a particular research agenda.

B. Approach

1. Because the world is complicated, the most valuable statistical models for the world will generally be complicated. The result of statistical investigations will only rarely be to  give a stamp of truth on a specific effect or causal claim, but will generally show variation in effects and outcomes.
2. Whenever possible, the data, analytic approach, and methods should be made as transparent and replicable as possible, and should be fair game for anyone to examine, critique, or amend.
3. Social scientists should look to build upon a broad shared body of knowledge, not to “own” a particular intervention, theoretic framework, or technique. Such ownership creates incentive problems when the intervention, framework, or technique fail and the scientist is left trying to support a flawed structure.


1. Measurement. How and what we measure is the first question, well before we decide on what the effects are or what is making that measurement change.
2. Sampling. Who we talk to or collect information from always matters, because we should always expect effects to depend on context.
3. Inference. While models should usually be complex, our inferential framework should be simple enough for anyone to follow along. And no p values.

He might disagree with all of this, or how it reflects his understanding of his own work. But I think it is a valuable guide to empirical work.
ratty  unaffiliated  summary  gelman  scitariat  philosophy  lens  stats  hypothesis-testing  science  meta:science  social-science  institutions  truth  is-ought  best-practices  data-science  info-dynamics  alt-inst  academia  empirical  evidence-based  checklists  strategy  epistemic 
november 2017 by nhaliday
Cancer tests in supermarket car parks to be launched by NHS | The Independent
- see the caveat of boosing your survival, measured by 5 years only from diagnoses, to diagnose earlier ... patient will still die from mostly majority of lung cancers anyway after the 5 year mark. but statistically counted as survivor. it is farcical. unethical moral especially considering anyways deadly diseases. does not help mental and well being. especially normal folk don't understand medical statistics cancer and evidence-based medicine. and ct scan(s) are NOT harmless, duh. Sure you identified a risk group smokers and ex smokers. but you don't do active screening for tgct for undescended testicle patients. see also the debate and conclusive evidence about breast cancer self-examination and mammography (nil benefit for the patient, over treatment over mis diagnoses, unneccesary interventions). &! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4968781/early-cancer-detection-survival-rate/
NHS  prevention  public  health  screening  evidence-based  medicine  Cancer  crisis  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  lobby  vested  interest  revolving  door  conflict  medical  research  profit  maximisation 
november 2017 by asterisk2a

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