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Most software developers use a tool to keep track of code history. Git is a fantastic example that’s used widely across the industry. Type git log and you can see all the changes made to a codebase…
rails  ruby  activerecord  eventsourcing 
9 days ago by geetarista
It's Okay To Store Data In Kafka
Covers differences from messaging:

"* As we described, Kafka stores a persistent log which can be re-read and kept indefinitely.
* Kafka is built as a modern distributed system: it’s runs as a cluster, can expand or contract elastically, and replicates data internally for fault-tolerance and high-availability.
* Kafka is built to allow real-time stream processing, not just processing of a single message at a time. This allows working with data streams at a much higher level of abstraction.
EventSourcing  Kafka 
4 weeks ago by colin.jack

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