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Southern Baptist Church Sexual Abuse Database Reveals Hundreds of Convicted Predators Among Leaders
The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News collected the mugshots and sexual abuse reports of hundreds of Southern Baptist church leaders from the past two decades. More than 220 leaders including ministers, pastors and Sunday school teachers from the SBC's 47,000 churches have been convicted of sex crimes including disturbing and heart-wrenching anecdotes of church affiliates raping young children. 
Some victims were as young as 3 years old at the time they were molested or raped.
The cases detailed in the Texas newspapers' first of three reports published Sunday reveals how more than 700 victims routinely had their stories of sexual assault and molestation pushed under the rug by church leaders. Southern Baptist Convention leaders have rejected decades of demands from victims and families to create a list of sexual predators within their affiliated churches.
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Businessweek - Bloomberg
Youthful and fit, with thick, dark hair, Tan is outgoing—he’s always greeted me with a hug—and very determined. “Anthony, he’s competitive,” a venture capitalist who’s known him for many years once whispered to me, as if sharing a great secret.

Like many CEOs, Tan sometimes talked about “servant leadership,” but unlike any I’d met, he defined the concept in theological terms. “If Jesus can wash his disciples’ feet, then who am I?” he once asked me. One of his favorite lines, “We are...
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RT : Don't understand ? Hear stories from those who have been there and left at .
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