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GitHub - Giorgi/Math-Expression-Evaluator: A C# library for parsing mathemitical expressions with support for parentheses and variables.
A C# library for parsing mathematical expressions with support for parentheses and variables. - Giorgi/Math-Expression-Evaluator
c#  expression  evaluation  library  math  runtime  opensource  floss 
7 hours ago by gilberto5757
OKR: Learn Google's Goal System with Examples and Templates
Doerr’s formula is the best way to explain the structure of an OKR:

I will (Objective) as measured by (this set of Key Results).
yesterday by zryb
[1808.08949] Dissecting Contextual Word Embeddings: Architecture and Representation
Contextual word representations derived from pre-trained bidirectional language models (biLMs) have recently been shown to provide significant improvements to the state of the art for a wide range of NLP tasks. However, many questions remain as to how and why these models are so effective. In this paper, we present a detailed empirical study of how the choice of neural architecture (e.g. LSTM, CNN, or self attention) influences both end task accuracy and qualitative properties of the representations that are learned. We show there is a tradeoff between speed and accuracy, but all architectures learn high quality contextual representations that outperform word embeddings for four challenging NLP tasks. Additionally, all architectures learn representations that vary with network depth, from exclusively morphological based at the word embedding layer through local syntax based in the lower contextual layers to longer range semantics such coreference at the upper layers. Together, these results suggest that unsupervised biLMs, independent of architecture, are learning much more about the structure of language than previously appreciated.
ML-interpretability  CNN  LSTM  language-models  embeddings  evaluation 
2 days ago by foodbaby
Complexity Analysis for UX Research at IBM — What it is and how to get started (IBM Design)
Gabriella Campagna из IBM рассказывает о методе анализа сложности интерфейса, который команда применяет для оценки улучшений и сравнения с конкурентами. На базе чеклиста он показывает, где в сценарии проблемные места.
UX  evaluation  methods  issue  benchmarking  measure  metrics 
5 days ago by jvetrau
The State of JavaScript 2018: Front-end Frameworks – Conclusion
This chart shows each technology’s satisfaction ratio over its total usage.

Additionally, technologies that have an interest ratio (percentage of non-users interested in learning it) over 50% are displayed as “on fire”.
Javascript  study  evaluation  ++---  nmd445 
9 days ago by jonippolito
Is My Ed Tech Tool Making a Difference? - NewSchools Venture Fund
Is My Ed Tech Tool Making a Difference?
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Research to Improve Products and Measure Impact
nsvf  newschoolsventurefund  gatesfoundation  entrepreneurs  columbia  startups  research  impact  evaluation 
10 days ago by WBedutech
The “European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities” is a COST Action, starting in April 2016 and ending in April 2020. ENRESSH aims to propose clear best practices in the field of SSH research evaluation
europe  humanities  impact  evaluation  research 
14 days ago by kintopp
Why I left React for Vue. – Sourcerer Blog
Code clarity

In my opinion, React is pretty bad. JSX, the built-in syntax to write html code, is an abomination in terms of clarity.

This is one of the common way to write a “if” condition in JSX :

And this is in vue :

You’ll run into other problems. Trying to call methods from component templates will often result having no access to “this”, resulting in that you have to bind them manually : <div onClick={this.someFunction.bind(this, listItem)} /> .
At some point things are getting so illogic with React…

Assuming that you’re probably going to write a lot of conditionals in your app, the JSX way is terrible. That way of writing loops looks like a joke to me. Sure you can change the templating system, remove JSX from a React stack, or use JSX with Vue, but as it’s not the first thing you are going to do when learning a framework, it’s not the point.
Javascript  React  Vue  ++---  evaluation 
19 days ago by jonippolito
Transcription Tools: a survey | NDSR at BHL
The four tools that I ended up spending some significant time with were Ben Brumfield’s FromThePage, the Australian Museum’s DigiVol, the Smithsonian Institution’s Transcription Center, and The Zooniverse’s Project Builder and their Scribe development framework.
digitalcuration  text  Software  +++--  evaluation 
20 days ago by jonippolito
Dysfunctional programming in Java I : Laziness – John McClean – Medium
Introducing a new practical short series on how (and why) to introduce concepts from Functional Programming into your Java Applications. We are not, maybe in contrast to your expectations, going to…
java  functional  programming  lazy  evaluation  example 
22 days ago by gilberto5757
UX Spectrum | Vitamin T
Recruitment tool based on Jason Mesut’s various frameworks
recruitment  ux  design  evaluation 
22 days ago by lorenzowood

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