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Gendered Language in Teaching Evaluations
This interactive chart lets you explore the words used to describe male and female teachers in about 14 million reviews from RateMyProfessor.com.

You can enter any other word (or two-word phrase) into the box below to see how it is split across gender and discipline: the x-axis gives how many times your term is used per million words of text (normalized against gender and field). You can also limit to just negative or positive reviews (based on the numeric ratings on the site). For some more background, see here.

Not all words have gender splits, but a surprising number do. Even things like pronouns are used quite differently by gender.
students  teaching  evaluation  course 
11 days ago by jpom
Assessing software engineering candidates
Good read on hiring and evaluating candidates.
Mostly, the idea is to use written material.
Evaluate for the following traits:

- Aptitude
- Education
- Motivation
- Values
- Integrity
interviews  hiring  evaluation 
12 days ago by drmeme
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, using knowledge to improve lives and protect the planet.
Data can fight hunger. That is the belief underpinning a new partnership launched during UNGA last month.
data  Evaluation  bigdata  SDGs  databases  statistics 
14 days ago by weitzenegger
On the robustness and discriminative power of information retrieval metrics for top-N recommendation
"The evaluation of Recommender Systems is still an open issue in the field. Despite its limitations, offline evaluation usually constitutes the first step in assessing recommendation methods due to its reduced costs and high reproducibility. Selecting the appropriate metric is a critical and ranking accuracy usually attracts the most attention nowadays. In this paper, we aim to shed light on the advantages of different ranking metrics which were previously used in Information Retrieval and are now used for assessing top-N recommenders. We propose methodologies for comparing the robustness and the discriminative power of different metrics. On the one hand, we study cut-offs and we find that deeper cut-offs offer greater robustness and discriminative power. On the other hand, we find that precision offers high robustness and Normalised Discounted Cumulative Gain provides the best discriminative power."
recsys  ir  evaluation  metrics 
17 days ago by arsyed
Classification accuracy is not enough | SpringerLink
We argue that an evaluation of system behavior at the level of the music is required to usefully address the fundamental problems of music genre recognition (MGR), and indeed other tasks of music information retrieval, such as autotagging. A recent review of works in MGR since 1995 shows that most (82 %) measure the capacity of a system to recognize genre by its classification accuracy. After reviewing evaluation in MGR, we show that neither classification accuracy, nor recall and precision, nor confusion tables, necessarily reflect the capacity of a system to recognize genre in musical signals. Hence, such figures of merit cannot be used to reliably rank, promote or discount the genre recognition performance of MGR systems if genre recognition (rather than identification by irrelevant confounding factors) is the objective. This motivates the development of a richer experimental toolbox for evaluating any system designed to intelligently extract information from music signals.
music  genre  machine-learning  evaluation  metrics 
18 days ago by arsyed
Atlassian Team Health Monitors
Forms and processes to monitor the health of teams. Project teams, leadership teams and service teams. They also provide playbooks to address deficiencies. Essential reading. From Atlassian.
See also
atlassian  teams  culture  evaluation  monitoring  monitors  teamhealth  deficiencies 
23 days ago by drmeme
Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Software architecture is an important topic. Let me explain why you might want to skip reading Clean Architecture and what you should read instead.
criticism  clean  architecture  software  critique  evaluation 
24 days ago by lgtout

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