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The Observer view on the urgent need for a fresh vote on Europe | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
"Europe is where many of our young people, this country’s future, already dwell, spiritually, culturally, politically and aspirationally. For them, Brexit is a wanton act of family separation, brutally wrecking the European home where they were raised. Unrealistic claims have been made about civil unrest if Brexit is thwarted. Yet if it goes ahead willy-nilly, the prospective backlash among our younger generations at seeing their future opportunities and prosperity so cruelly curtailed should alarm everybody. Many of Britain’s best and brightest may simply up and leave.


May is running out of road, both in the Brexit talks and as prime minister. To call all this a “shitshow”, as the Conservative MP Johnny Mercer did, is not inaccurate. His crudeness is on a par with the futility of May’s quest to hold her dysfunctional party together while achieving a deal that the entire EU, parliament and even the noisome Democratic Unionists can approve. Britain is on the brink of a historic calamity, for which the country’s entire political class must share the blame. Brexit, on any currently available terms, will be a disaster. No deal will be worse. The politicians have failed, so the people must take charge. We must have a second referendum."
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A view from the border: Ireland on the brink of Brexit | Matthew Engel
With a declining Catholic church, a gay premier and a politically astute citizenry, Ireland has come of age. But on the border old wounds are reopening.
17th  october  2018  matthew  engel  new  statesman  politics  europe  ireland 
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Brexit spurs refugees’ descendants to seek German passports | Financial Times
After taking power in 1933, the Nazis stripped thousands of Germans of their citizenship — including prominent intellectuals, scientists and writers such as Bertolt Brecht, Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann. In 1941 the regime also withdrew citizenship from all Jews who had left the country at that time. 

The German constitution grants refugees’ descendants and their families citizenship without any of the requirements — such as long-term residency and civics and language tests — that apply to other Britons keen to secure German passports. 

Mr Newman said there was a “deep irony” in the fact that the descendants of Jewish refugees were now applying for the passport of the country that persecuted and murdered their families. “This divides families, with some siblings applying for German citizenship and others not,” he added.
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Strategic Culture -- Merkel Coalition Gets Overdue Spanking in Bavaria – but 5 years Too Late to Save Germany
'...From an outsider’s perspective, I cannot fathom how it is possible that Angela Merkel is still in power. Although there is no term limit on the chancellorship, people must still go to the polls and vote for this woman and the CDU, which the majority continues to do – despite everything. -- In a search for answers, I found an explanation by one Arne Trautmann, a German lawyer from Munich. -- “I think the answer lies in German psychology. We do not like instability. We had our experience with it (hyperinflation, wars and such) and it did not work very well. Angela Merkel offers such stability. Simply because she has been around for so long.” -- Still, that answer just drags up more questions that perhaps only the Germans can answer. After all, if the German people “do not like instability,” then the specter of their borders being violated on a daily basis such be simply unacceptable to them. Perhaps I am missing something.' -- Man attends the school of example and will attend no other. ~ Erasmus
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Remapping the silly double-S key on a Macbook running 10.12 Sierra
the latest hacky workaround for this stupid Apple keyboard layout bullshit
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"... un logiciel de collaboration à la rédaction de contenus..." Outils payants.
redaction  web  Internet  collaboration  travail  outils  Europe 
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"IDDRI is an independent policy research institute and a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform that identifies the conditions and proposes tools to put sustainable development at the heart of international relations and public and private policies."

One of their studies (in French):
An agro-ecological Europe: multifunctional agriculture for a healthy food system

Based in Paris / France.

Agrachina  Policy  Sustainability  sustainable  development  Research  Research_Institutes  Platform  France  europe  Food_Security  Agroecology 
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European route E13 - Road | RouteYou
Everything you need to know about European route E13 with all nearby routes and curiosities.
travel  guide  transport  motorway  traffic  gps  maps  europe  reference 
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