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Brexiles: ‘It has become okay to make racial comments in UK’
My old friend Andrew Smith tells the story of how post-Brexit racism made him move to Ireland. (He is English.)
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Brexit: The narrow precipice to a last-gasp deal
@TonyConnellyRTE has the latest - a better summary than you will read in most British papers.
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Inside the London tech scene's frantic plan to stop Brexit | WIRED UK
Britain's techies still want to bring Brexit crashing down – and they're scrambling to build the tools to do so
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Brexit: Rudd, Clark and Gauke should resign, says Andrew Bridgen | Politics | The Guardian
Three cabinet ministers have signalled they could vote to delay withdrawal from EU
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Italy Fears Running Out of Olive Oil By April
RT : ist wirklich ein Skandal. Sie nimmt nicht wenigen Apuliern die Lebensgrundlage.
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The odds are against them, but these MPs could yet change our politics | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
Those who say the Independent Group is bound to fail forget that the political playbook has been shredded, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland
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18 hours ago by tonys
Theresa May must go in three months, cabinet ministers say | Politics | The Guardian
Senior Conservatives to make clear PM should give way to new leader for next phase of Brexit
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RT : The is happy with countries investing more money and building more capabilities, but as long as t…
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21 hours ago by nwhyte
Michel Barnier says there is high chance of 'accidental' no-deal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
EU’s chief negotiator says UK needs to make faster decisions with deadline looming in five weeks
21 hours ago by tonys
Comparison of EU free zones
Comparison table of free zones in the European Union (EU). Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus. Legal and tax requirements and engagement costs.
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21 hours ago by orlin
Honda's 2018 briefing undermines claim plant closure not Brexit-related | Business | The Guardian
Fears about free movement and supply chain were discussed with locals at event in Swindon
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Labour 'moving towards People's Vote': Shadow chancellor John McDonnell tells of party shift on Brexit | London Evening Standard
John McDonnell today said Labour is “moving towards” a second referendum on Brexit that would give Britons the chance to stay in the European Union. In an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, the shadow chancellor also called on Labour to move “quicker and fiercer” against anti-Semitism, and expressed regret for “not enough action” in the past.
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