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I Tried Predictim AI That Scans for 'Risky' Babysitters
“The black woman being overly penalized—it could be the case that the algorithm learns to associate types of speech associated with black individuals, even if the speech isn’t disrespectful,” Kristian Lum tells me. Dr. Lum is the lead statistician at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, and has published work in the prestigious journal Nature concluding that “machine-learning algorithms trained with data that encode human bias will reproduce, not eliminate, the bias.”
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Design Ethics & the Truth About Who Designers Really Work For
Mike Monteiro's philosophy on design ethics: designers are no longer pushing pixels around. We’re building complex systems that touch people’s lives.
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How to build trust in emerging tech | Creative Bloq
How to build trust in emerging tech
*My op-ed for UK's net magazine (Nov issue) is up onli…
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